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Infografías, Comunicados Técnicos y materiales de consulta oficiales dirigidos a la población en general, sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y todo lo relacionado al Novel Coronavirus.

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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
18-Apr-2020A Heuristic Model for Spreading of COVID 19 in SingaporePreimpresoFook Hou Lee3-Dec-2023
17-May-2020Pandemic Publishing: Medical journals drastically speed up their publication process for Covid-19PreimpresoSotiris Vandoros3-Dec-2023
18-Apr-2020Pandemic Publishing: Medical journals drastically speed up their publication process for Covid-19PreimpresoSerge P. J. M. Horbach3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020Countries should aim to lower the reproduction number ℛ close to 1.0 for the short-term mitigation of COVID-19 outbreaksPreimpresoMichael Hochberg3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020State-level variation of initial COVID-19 dynamics in the United States: The role of local government interventionsPreimpresoEaston White; Laurent Hébert_Dufresne3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020Estimate of COVID-19 case prevalence in India based on surveillance data of patients with severe acute respiratory illnessPreimpresoPADMANABAN VENKATESAN3-Dec-2023
23-Apr-2020Estimation of Tunisia COVID-19 infected cases based on mortality ratePreimpresoInes Abdeljaoued; Marc Dhenain3-Dec-2023
18-Apr-2020Using Feedback on Symptomatic Infections to Contain the Coronavirus Epidemic: Insight from a SPIR ModelPreimpresoMichael Nikolaou3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020CoroNet: A Deep Network Architecture for Semi-Supervised Task-Based Identification of COVID-19 from Chest X-ray ImagesPreimpresoShahin Khobahi; Chirag Agarwal; Mojtaba Soltanalian3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020Estimate of Covid prevalence using imperfect dataPreimpresoWitold Rudnicki; Radosław Piliszek3-Dec-2023
6-Jul-2020Estimating the end of the first wave of epidemic for COVID-19 outbreak in mainland ChinaPreimpresoQuentin Griette; 志华 刘3-Dec-2023
21-Apr-2020Refined compartmental models, asymptomatic carriers and COVID-19PreimpresoGoncalo Oliveira3-Dec-2023
28-Nov-2023Psychological impact of COVID-19 on frontline healthcare workers during the early months of the pandemic and responses to reduce the burden, helping to prepare for Disease X: A systematic reviewPreimpresoJarryd Ludski3-Dec-2023
29-Nov-2023Human Cytokine and Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein Interactivity Using Large-Scale Virtual ScreensPreimpresoPhillip Tomezsko; Colby Ford; Avery Meyer; Adam Michaleas; Rafael Jaimes3-Dec-2023
29-Nov-2023Examining the association of live virus neutralisation activity of capillary microsamples and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infections: a nested case control study within the Virus Watch community cohortPreimpresoAlexei Yavlinsky; Vincent Nguyen; Sarah Beale; Emma Wall; Mary Y. Wu; Isobel Braithwaite; Jana Kovar; Madhumita Shrotri; Annalan Navaratnam; Wing Lam Erica Fong; Thomas Byrne; Francois Balloux; Ibrahim Abubakar; Benjamin Cowling; Andrew Hayward; Robert Aldridge3-Dec-2023
17-Jun-2020The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic: Simulation-Based Assessment of Outbreak Responses and Post Peak StrategiesPreimpresoJeroen Struben3-Dec-2023
12-May-2020The Effect of Stay-at-Home Orders on COVID-19 Cases and Fatalities in the United StatesPreimpresoJames Fowler; Seth Hill; Nick Obradovich3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020Time-variant strategies for optimizing the performance of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) in protecting lives and livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemicPreimpresoWei Aun Yap; Dhesi Baha Raja3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020Analysis of the SARS-Cov-2 epidemic in Lombardy (Italy) in its early phase. Are we going in the right direction?PreimpresoAngelo Riccio3-Dec-2023
17-Apr-2020An SEIR Model for Assessment of Current COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in the UKPreimpresoPeiliang SUN; Kang Li3-Dec-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1376