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2020A rapid advice guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infected pneumonia (standard version)PreimpresoJin, Y; Cai, L; Cheng, Z; Cheng, H; Deng, T; Fan, Y; Fang, C; Huang, D; Huang, L; Huang, Q; Han, Y; Hu, B; Hu, F; Li, B; Li, Y; Liang, K; Lin, L; Luo, L; Ma, J; Ma, L; Peng, Z; Pan, Y; Pan, Z; Ren, X; Sun, H; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Weng, H; Wei, C; Wu, D; Xia, J; Xiong, Y; Xu, H; Yao, X; Yuan, Y; Ye, T; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Zhao, M; Zi, H; Zeng, X; Wang, Y; Wang, X-
2020Clinical characteristics of laboratory confirmed positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Wuhan, China: A retrospective single center analysisPreimpresoHuang, Y; Tu, M; Wang, S; Chen, S; Zhou, W; Chen, D; Zhou, L; Wang, M; Zhao, Y; Zeng, W; Huang, Q; Xu, H; Liu, Z; Guo, L-
2020Genetic, antigenic and pathogenic characterization of avian coronaviruses isolated from pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) in ChinaPreimpresoHan, Z; Liwen, X; Ren, M; Sheng, J; Ma, T; Sun, J; Zhao, Y; Liu, S-
2020Identification of a novel linear B-cell epitope on the nucleocapsid protein of porcine deltacoronavirusPreimpresoFu, J; Chen, R; Hu, J; Qu, H; Zhao, Y; Cao, S; Wen, X; Wen, Y; Wu, R; Zhao, Q; Ma, X; Huang, X-
2020Infants Born to Mothers With a New Coronavirus (COVID-19)PreimpresoChen, Y; Peng, H; Wang, L; Zhao, Y; Zeng, L; Gao, H; Liu, Y-
2020Predicting the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) utilizing capability as the receptor of SARS-CoV-2PreimpresoQiu, Y; Zhao, Y; Wang, Q; Li, J; Zhou, Z; Liao, C; Ge, X-
2020Prevalence and impact of cardiovascular metabolic diseases on COVID-19 in ChinaPreimpresoLi, B; Yang, J; Zhao, F; Zhi, L; Wang, X; Liu, L; Bi, Z; Zhao, Y-
2019S gene and 5a accessory gene are responsible for the attenuation of virulent infectious bronchitis coronavirusPreimpresoZhao, Y; Cheng, J; Yan, S; Jia, W; Zhang, K; Zhang, G-
2019The S2 subunit of QX-type infectious bronchitis coronavirus spike protein is an essential determinant of neurotropismPreimpresoCheng, J; Zhao, Y; Xu, G; Zhang, K; Jia, W; Sun, Y; Zhao, J; Xue, J; Hu, Y; Zhang, G-