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The S2 subunit of QX-type infectious bronchitis coronavirus spike protein is an essential determinant of neurotropism
Cheng, J
Zhao, Y
Xu, G
Zhang, K
Jia, W
Sun, Y
Zhao, J
Xue, J
Hu, Y
Zhang, G
Acceso Abierto
Some coronaviruses (CoVs) have an extra furin cleavage site (RRKR/S, furin-S2' site) upstream of the fusion peptide in the spike protein, which plays roles in virion adsorption and fusion. Mutation of the S2' site of QX genotype (QX-type) infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) spike protein (S) in a recombinant virus background results in higher pathogenicity, pronounced neural symptoms and neurotropism when compared with conditions in wild-type IBV (WT-IBV) infected chickens. In this study, we present evidence suggesting that recombinant IBV with a mutant S2' site (furin-S2' site) leads to higher mortality. Infection with mutant IBV induces severe encephalitis and breaks the blood-brain barrier. The results of a neutralization test and immunoprotection experiment show that an original serum and vaccine can still provide effective protection in vivo and in vitro. This is the first demonstration of IBV-induced neural symptoms in chickens with encephalitis and the furin-S2' site as a determinant of neurotropism.
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