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2-May-2020Release of potential pro-inflammatory peptides from SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteins in neutrophil-extracellular trapsPreimpresoAitor Blanco-Míguez; Borja Sanchez28-Feb-2024
4-Aug-2020Super-spreading events initiated the exponential growth phase of COVID-19 with ℛ0 higher than initially estimatedPreimpresoMarek Kochanczyk; Frederic Grabowski; Tomasz Lipniacki28-Feb-2024
25-Oct-2020Novel indicators for evaluating topological threats to populations from pandemics applied to COVID-19PreimpresoShun Adachi28-Feb-2024
24-Feb-2024Changes in opioid prescribing during the COVID-19 pandemic in England: cohort study of 20 million patients in OpenSAFELY-TPPPreimpresoChristopher Wood; Andrea Schaffer; Colm Andrews; Andrew Brown; Richard Croker; William Hulme; Linda Nab; Jane Quinlan; Victoria Speed; Milan Wiedemann; Jon Massey; Peter Inglesby; Sebastian Bacon; Amir Mehrkar; Chris Bates; Ben Goldacre; Alex Walker; Brian MacKenna28-Feb-2024
20-Feb-2024Private sector tuberculosis care quality during the COVID-19 pandemic: A repeated cross-sectional standardized patients study of adherence to national TB guidelines in urban NigeriaPreimpresoAngelina Sassi; Lauren Rosapep; Elaine Baruwa; Bolanle Olusola-Faleye; Ben Johns; Mohammad Abdullah Heel Kafi; Lavanya Huria; Nathaly Aguilera Vasquez; Benjamin Daniels; Jishnu Das; Chukwuma ANYAIKE; Obioma Chijioke-Akaniro; Madhukar Pai; Charity Omenka28-Feb-2024
23-Feb-2024Prospective study of machine learning for identification of high-risk COVID-19 patientsPreimpresoChristian Mateo Frausto Avila; Roberto de Jesus León-Montiel; Mario Alan Quiroz-Juarez; Alfred U'Ren28-Feb-2024
7-Jul-2020Estimation of SARS-CoV-2 aerosol emissions from simulated patients with COVID-19 and no to moderate symptomsPreimpresoMichael Riediker; Dai-Hua Tsai28-Feb-2024
24-Feb-2024Global patterns of rebound to normal RSV dynamics following COVID-19 suppressionPreimpresoDeus Thindwa; Ke Li; Dominic Cooper-Wootton; zhe zheng; Virginia Pitzer; Daniel Weinberger28-Feb-2024
17-Feb-2024An intersectional perspective on gender/sex disparities in the epidemiology of COVID-19 cascade from testing to mortality: Evidence from Swiss surveillance dataPreimpresoDiane Auderset; Michael Amiguet; Carole Clair; Valerie Pittet; Julien Riou; Joelle Schwarz; Yolanda Mueller28-Feb-2024
3-May-2020Releasing the lockdown in the UK Covid-19 epidemic: a stochastic modelPreimpresoAnthony Lander28-Feb-2024