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2020Widespread use of face masks in public may slow the spread of SARS CoV-2: an ecological studyPreimpresoChris Kenyon; Novel Coronavirus-
22-Jun-2020Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 22/06/20Documento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus22-Jun-2020
27-Mar-2020Evaluating the initial impactof COVID-19 containment measures on economic activityDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus27-Mar-2020
20-Mar-2020Emergency tax policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: Limiting damage to productive potential and protecting the vulnerableDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus30-Mar-2020
23-Mar-2020Education responses to covid-19: Embracing digital learning and online collaborationDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus27-Mar-2020
20-Mar-2020Supporting people and companies to deal with the COVID-19 virus: Options for an immediate employment and social-policy responseDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus30-Mar-2020
25-Mar-2020Financial consumer protection responses to COVID-19: Support for financial consumersDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus27-Mar-2020
23-Mar-2020Covid-19: SME Policy ResponsesDocumento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus27-Mar-2020
10-Jul-2020Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 10/07/2020Documento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus10-Jul-2020
5-Sep-2022Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 05/09/2022Documento de trabajoNovel Coronavirus11-Apr-2023