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1-Jan-2022Sample Size Calculations for Variant Surveillance in the Presence of Biological and Systematic BiasesPreimpresoShirlee Wohl; Elizabeth Lee; Bethany DiPrete; Justin Lessler3-Jan-2022
2-Jan-2022Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 02/01/2022Documento de trabajoSECRETARIA DE SALUD (SS)3-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Integrin/TGF-Beta1 inhibitor GLPG-0187 blocks SARS-CoV-2 Delta and Omicron pseudovirus infection of airway epithelial cells which could attenuate disease severityPreimpresoKelsey Huntington; Lindsey Carlsen; Eui-Young So; Matthias Piesche; Olin Liang; Wafik El-Deiry4-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Shielding individuals at high risk of COVID-19: a micro-simulation studyPreimpresoKevin van Zandvoort; Caroline Favas; Francesco Checchi4-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Predicting COVID-19 severity using major risk factors and received vaccinesPreimpresoAriel Israel; Alejandro Schaffer; Eugene Merzon; ilan green; Eli Magen; Avivit Golan Cohen; Shlomo Vinker; Eytan Ruppin4-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Machine learning approaches for localized lockdown during COVID-19: a case study analysisPreimpresoSara Malvar; Julio R Meneghini5-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Cognitive predictors of vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19 mitigation behaviors in a population representative samplePreimpresoAnna Hudson; Peter Hall; sara hitchman; Gang Meng; Geoffrey Fong4-Jan-2022
2-Jan-2022Comparison of outcomes from COVID infection in pediatric and adult patients before and after the emergence of OmicronPreimpresoLindsey Wang; Nathan Berger; David Kaelber; Pamela Davis; Nora Volkow; Rong Xu4-Jan-2022
3-Jan-2022Omicron variant escapes therapeutic mAbs contrary to eight prior main VOCPreimpresoCéline Boschi; Philippe Colson; Audrey Bancod; VALERIE MOAL; Bernard La Scola4-Jan-2022
4-Jan-2022Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 04/01/2022Documento de trabajoSECRETARIA DE SALUD (SS)5-Jan-2022