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2019Epidemiological status of the middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus in 2019: An update from january 1 to march 31, 2019PreimpresoAhmadzadeh, J; Mobaraki, K-
2019Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)PreimpresoWorld Health Organization-
2019Antagonism of dsRNA-induced innate immune pathways by NS4a and NS4b accessory proteins during MERS coronavirus infectionPreimpresoComar, C; Goldstein, S; Li, Y; Yount, B; Baric, R; Weiss, S-
2019Enhanced ability of oligomeric nanobodies targeting MERS coronavirus receptor-binding domainPreimpresoHe, L; Tai, W; Li, J; Chen, Y; Gao, Y; Li, J; Sun, S; Zhou, Y; Du, L; Zhao, G-
2019Interferon regulatory factor 3-mediated signaling limits middle-east respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus propagation in cells from an insectivorous batPreimpresoBanerjee, A; Falzarano, D; Rapin, N; Lew, J; Misra, V-
2019Molecular epidemiology, evolution and phylogeny of SARS coronavirusPreimpresoLuk, H; Li, X; Fung, J; Lau, S; Woo, P-
2019Spike proteins of novel MERS-coronavirus isolates from North- and West-African dromedary camels mediate robust viral entry into human target cellsPreimpresoKleine-Weber, H; Pöhlmann, S; Hoffmann, M-
2019Structure of the SARS-unique domain C from the bat coronavirus HKU4PreimpresoStaup, A; De Silva, I; Catt, J; Tan, X; Hammond, R; Johnson, M-
2019Amotosalen and ultraviolet A light efficiently inactivate MERS-coronavirus in human platelet concentratesPreimpresoHashem, A; Hassan, A; Tolah, A; Alsaadi, M; Abunada, Q; Damanhouri, G; El-Kafrawy, S; Picard-Maureau, M; Azhar, E; Hindawi, S-
2019A52 MERS coronaviruses from camels in Africa exhibit region-dependent genetic diversityPreimpresoChu, D; Hui, K; Perera, R; Miguel, E; Oladipo, J; Traore, A; Fassi-Fihri, O; Chan, M; Zhou, Z; So, R; Chevalier, V; Peiris, J-
2019Climate factors and incidence of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirusPreimpresoAltamimi, A; Ahmed, A-
2019Unexpected Receptor Functional Mimicry Elucidates Activation of Coronavirus FusionPreimpresoWalls, A; Xiong, X; Park, Y; Tortorici, M; Snijder, J; Quispe, J; Cameroni, E; Gopal, R; Dai, M; Lanzavecchia, A; Zambon, M; Rey, F; Corti, D; Veesler, D-
2019High-throughput screening and identification of potent broad-spectrum inhibitors of coronavirusesPreimpresoShen, L; Niu, J; Wang, C; Huang, B; Wang, W; Zhu, N; Deng, Y; Wang, H; Ye, F; Cen, S; Tan, W-
2019IFN-I response timing relative to virus replication determines MERS coronavirus infection outcomesPreimpresoChannappanavar, R; Fehr, A; Zheng, J; Wohlford-Lenane, C; Abrahante, J; Mack, M; Sompallae, R; McCray, P; Meyerholz, D; Perlman, S-
2019Entry of scotophilus bat coronavirus-512 and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in human and multiple animal cellsPreimpresoChen, Y; Hsu, H; Wang, S; Lien, H; Lu, H; Peng, S-
2019A Fusion Peptide in the Spike Protein of MERS CoronavirusPreimpresoAlsaadi, E; Neuman, B; Jones, I-
2019Nucleoside analogues for the treatment of coronavirus infectionsPreimpresoPruijssers, A; Denison, M-
2019Geographical structure of bat SARS-related coronavirusesPreimpresoYu, P; Hu, B; Shi, Z; Cui, J-
2019Middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (Mers-cov) in Oman: Current situation and going forwardPreimpresoAl Awaidy, S; Khamis, F-
2019MERS Coronavirus: An emerging zoonotic virusPreimpresoLi, F; Du, L-