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2020Activation of C-Type Lectin Receptor and (RIG)-I-Like Receptors Contributes to Proinflammatory Response in Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-Infected MacrophagesPreimpresoZhao, X; Chu, H; Wong, B; Chiu, M; Wang, D; Li, C; Liu, X; Yang, D; Poon, V; Cai, J; Chan, J; To, K; Zhou, J; Yuen, K-
2020China’s local governments are combating COVID-19 with unprecedented responses — from a Wenzhou governance perspectivePreimpresoGong, F; Xiong, Y; Xiao, J; Lin, L; Liu, X; Wang, D; Li, X-
2020Clinical and CT imaging features of the COVID-19 pneumonia: Focus on pregnant women and childrenPreimpresoLiu, H; Liu, F; Li, J; Zhang, T; Wang, D; Lan, W-
2020Clinical Characteristics of Imported Cases of COVID-19 in Jiangsu Province: A Multicenter Descriptive StudyPreimpresoWu, J; Liu, J; Zhao, X; Liu, C; Wang, W; Wang, D; Xu, W; Zhang, C; Yu, J; Jiang, B; Cao, H; Li, L-
2020Combination of western medicine and Chinese traditional patent medicine in treating a family case of COVID-19 in WuhanPreimpresoNi, L; Zhou, L; Zhou, M; Zhao, J; Wang, D-
2020False-negative results of real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2: Role of deep-learning-based ct diagnosis and insights from two casesPreimpresoLi, D; Wang, D; Dong, J; Wang, N; Huang, H; Xu, H; Xia, C-
2020Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor bindingPreimpresoLu, R; Zhao, X; Li, J; Niu, P; Yang, B; Wu, H; Wang, W; Song, H; Huang, B; Zhu, N; Bi, Y; Ma, X; Zhan, F; Wang, L; Hu, T; Zhou, H; Hu, Z; Zhou, W; Zhao, L; Chen, J; Meng, Y; Wang, J; Lin, Y; Yuan, J; Xie, Z; Ma, J; Liu, W; Wang, D; Xu, W; Holmes, E; Gao, G; Wu, G; Chen, W; Shi, W; Tan, W-
2020Propagation analysis and prediction of the COVID-19PreimpresoLi, L; Yang, Z; Dang, Z; Meng, C; Huang, J; Meng, H; Wang, D; Chen, G; Zhang, J; Peng, H; Shao, Y-
2020SARS-CoV-2: apotential novel etiology of fulminant myocarditisPreimpresoChen, C; Zhou, Y; Wang, D-
2019Susceptibility of porcine IPI-2I intestinal epithelial cells to infection with swine enteric coronavirusesPreimpresoWang, X; Fang, L; Liu, S; Ke, W; Wang, D; Peng, G; Xiao, S-
2020The origin, transmission and clinical therapies on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak - an update on the statusPreimpresoGuo, Y; Cao, Q; Hong, Z; Tan, Y; Chen, S; Jin, H; Tan, K; Wang, D; Yan, Y-