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China’s local governments are combating COVID-19 with unprecedented responses — from a Wenzhou governance perspective
Gong, F
Xiong, Y
Xiao, J
Lin, L
Liu, X
Wang, D
Li, X
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The COVID-19 caused by a novel strain of Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly since its onset in Wuhan, the capital city of central China's Hubei Province, in December 2019. It is highly communicable through human-to-human transmission. China has been making unprecedented efforts in treating the confirmed cases, identifying and isolating their close contacts and suspected cases to control the source of infection and cut the route of transmission. China's devotion in handling this epidemic has effectively and efficiently curbed communication domestically and across the border. Representative measures adopted by Wenzhou, the worst hit city out of Hubei Province, are examined to elucidate those massive undertakings with the aim of enhancing international understanding and building global rapport in fighting this evolving epidemic situation.
Front Med
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