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2019Middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (Mers-cov) in dromedary camels in africa and middle eastPreimpresoKandeil, A; Gomaa, M; Nageh, A; Shehata, M; Kayed, A; Sabir, J; Abiadh, A; Jrijer, J; Amr, Z; Said, M; Byarugaba, D; Wabwire-Mangen, F; Tugume, T; Mohamed, N; Attar, R; Hassan, S; Linjawi, S; Moatassim, Y; Kutkat, O; Mahmoud, S; Bagato, O; Shama, N; El-Shesheny, R; Mostafa, A; Perera, R; Chu, D; Hassan, N; Elsokary, B; Saad, A; Sobhy, H; Masry, I; McKenzie, P; Webby, R; Peiris, M; Makonnen, Y; Ali, M; Kayali, G-
2019Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) neutralising antibodies in a high-risk human population, Morocco, November 2017 to January 2018PreimpresoAbbad, A; Perera, R; Anga, L; Faouzi, A; Minh, N; Malik, S; Iounes, N; Maaroufi, A; Van Kerkhove, M; Peiris, M; Nourlil, J-
2019Comparison of serologic assays for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirusPreimpresoHarvey, R; Mattiuzzo, G; Hassall, M; Sieberg, A; Müller, M; Drosten, C; Rigsby, P; Oxenford, C; Caly, L; Li, C; Zhao, L; Tan, W; Peiris, M; Perera, M; Drosten, C; Kang, C; Wang, J; Haagmans, B; Okba, N; Gopal, R; Myhill, S; Thornburg, N-
2019Diversity of dromedary camel coronavirus HKU23 in African camels revealed multiple recombination events among closely related betacoronaviruses of the subgenus embecovirusPreimpresoSo, R; Chu, D; Miguel, E; Perera, R; Oladipo, J; Fassi-Fihri, O; Aylet, G; Ko, R; Zhou, Z; Cheng, M; Kuranga, S; Roger, F; Chevalier, V; Webby, R; Woo, P; Poon, L; Peiris, M-
2019Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in non-camelid domestic mammalsPreimpresoKandeil, A; Gomaa, M; Shehata, M; El-Taweel, A; Kayed, A; Abiadh, A; Jrijer, J; Moatasim, Y; Kutkat, O; Bagato, O; Mahmoud, S; Mostafa, A; El-Shesheny, R; Perera, R; Ko, R; Hassan, N; Elsokary, B; Allal, L; Saad, A; Sobhy, H; McKenzie, P; Webby, R; Peiris, M; Ali, M; Kayali, G-