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2020The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)—An emerging global health threatPreimpresoArshad Ali, S; Baloch, M; Ahmed, N; Arshad Ali, A; Iqbal, A-
2020First case of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia in TaiwanPreimpresoCheng, S; Chang, Y; Fan Chiang, Y; Chien, Y; Cheng, M; Yang, C; Huang, C; Hsu, Y-
2020COVID-19 R0: Magic number or conundrum?PreimpresoViceconte, G; Petrosillo, N-
2020The effect of control strategies to reduce social mixing on outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, China: a modelling studyPreimpresoPrem, K; Liu, Y; Russell, T; Kucharski, A; Eggo, R; Davies, N; Jit, M; Klepac, P; Flasche, S; Clifford, S; Pearson, C; Munday, J; Abbott, S; Gibbs, H; Rosello, A; Quilty, B; Jombart, T; Sun, F; Diamond, C; Gimma, A; van Zandvoort, K; Funk, S; Jarvis, C; Edmunds, W; Bosse, N; Hellewell, J-
2020Early dynamics of transmission and control of COVID-19: a mathematical modelling studyPreimpresoKucharski, A; Russell, T; Diamond, C; Liu, Y; Edmunds, J; Funk, S; Eggo, R; Sun, F; Jit, M; Munday, J; Davies, N; Gimma, A; van Zandvoort, K; Gibbs, H; Hellewell, J; Jarvis, C; Clifford, S; Quilty, B; Bosse, N; Abbott, S; Klepac, P; Flasche, S-
2020Real-time forecasts of the COVID-19 epidemic in China from February 5th to February 24th, 2020PreimpresoRoosa, K; Lee, Y; Luo, R; Kirpich, A; Rothenberg, R; Hyman, J; Yan, P; Chowell, G-
2020Diarrhoea may be underestimated: A missing link in 2019 novel coronavirusPreimpresoLiang, W; Feng, Z; Rao, S; Xiao, C; Xue, X; Lin, Z; Zhang, Q; Qi, W-
2020Is There an Association Between COVID-19 Mortality and the Renin-Angiotensin System—a Call for Epidemiologic InvestigationsPreimpresoHanff, T; Harhay, M; Brown, T; Cohen, J; Mohareb, A-
2020Li Wenliang, a face to the frontline healthcare worker. The first doctor to notify the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2, (COVID-19), outbreakPreimpresoPetersen, E; Hui, D; Hamer, D; Blumberg, L; Madoff, L; Pollack, M; Lee, S; McLellan, S; Memish, Z; Praharaj, I; Wasserman, S; Ntoumi, F; Azhar, E; Mchugh, T; Kock, R; Ippolito, G; Zumla, A; Koopmans, M-
2020The clinical dynamics of 18 cases of COVID-19 outside of Wuhan, ChinaPreimpresoWang, L; Gao, Y; lou, L; Zhang, G-