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22-Oct-2021Occupational versus community risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection among employees of a long-term care facility: an observational studyPreimpresoLauriane Lenggenhager; Romain Martischang; Julien Sauser; Monica Perez; Laure Vieux; Christophe Graf; Samuel Cordey; Florian Laubscher; Tomas Robalo Nunes; Walter Zingg; Anne Cori; Stephan Harbarth; Mohamed Abbas26-Oct-2021
6-Sep-2021The impact of mobility restriction measures on the reproduction index of Covid-19 in the city of Queretaro, MexicoPreimpresoOscar San Roman Orozco; Santiago Agraz Orozco; Isidro Amadeo Gutierrez-Alvarez; Vasiliki Radaios29-Sep-2021
13-Sep-2021Social Capital Dimensions are Differentially Associated with COVID-19 Vaccinations, Masks, and Physical DistancingPreimpresoIbtihal Ferwana; Lav Varshney20-Sep-2021
27-Sep-2021The effects of communicating uncertainty around statistics on public trust: an international studyPreimpresoJohn Kerr; Anne Marthe van der Bles; Claudia R Schneider; Sarah Dryhurst; Vivien Chopurian; Alexandra Freeman; Sander van der Linden29-Sep-2021
14-Sep-2021Widening Disparities in Online Information Access during the COVID-19 PandemicPreimpresoJina Suh; Eric Horvitz; Ryen White; Tim Althoff20-Sep-2021
23-Oct-2021The 1968 Influenza Pandemic and COVID-19 OutcomesPreimpresoCharles Taylor; Christopher Boulos; Matthew Memoli26-Oct-2021
23-Oct-2021Assessing the potential impact of immunity waning on the dynamics of COVID-19: an endemic model of COVID-19PreimpresoRabiu Musa; Sarafa Iyaniwura26-Oct-2021
25-Oct-2021Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 25/10/2021Documento de trabajoSECRETARIA DE SALUD (SS)26-Oct-2021
25-Oct-2021COVID 19 breakthrough infection risk: a simple physical model describing the dependence on antibody concentrationPreimpresoDavid Williams26-Oct-2021
26-Oct-2021Comunicado Técnico Diario Nuevo Coronavirus en el Mundo (COVID-19) 26/10/2021Documento de trabajoSECRETARIA DE SALUD (SS)27-Oct-2021