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2019Recent Advances in the Vaccine Development Against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-CoronavirusPreimpresoYong, C; Ong, H; Yeap, S; Ho, K; Tan, W-
2019Mutations in the spike protein of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus transmitted in Korea increase resistance to antibody-mediated neutralizationPreimpresoKleine-Weber, H; Elzayat, M; Wang, L; Graham, B; Müller, M; Drosten, C; Pöhlmann, S; Hoffmann, M-
2019Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus epidemic impact on healthcare workers' risk perceptions, work and personal livesPreimpresoAlsubaie, S; Hani Temsah, M; Al-Eyadhy, A; Gossady, I; Hasan, G; Al-Rabiaah, A; Jamal, A; Alhaboob, A; Alsohime, F; Somily, A-
2019Delicate structural coordination of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus Nsp13 upon ATP hydrolysisPreimpresoJia, Z; Yan, L; Ren, Z; Wu, L; Wang, J; Guo, J; Zheng, L; Ming, Z; Zhang, L; Lou, Z; Rao, Z-
2019An ultra-rapid real-time RT-PCR method for detecting Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus using a mobile PCR device, PCR1100PreimpresoShirato, K; Nao, N; Matsuyama, S; Kageyama, T-
2019Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus viroporin 3a activates the NLRP3 inflammasomePreimpresoChen, I; Moriyama, M; Chang, M; Ichinohe, T-
2019Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus seropositivity in camel handlers and their families, PakistanPreimpresoZheng, J; Hassan, S; Alagaili, A; Alshukairi, A; Amor, N; Mukhtar, N; Nazeer, I; Tahir, Z; Akhter, N; Perlman, S; Yaqub, T-
2019Evolutionary relationship analysis of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus 4a and 4b protein coding sequencesPreimpresoKim, J; Park, S; Bae, J; Park, M-
2019Genetic characterization of middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus, South Korea, 2018PreimpresoChung, Y; Kim, J; Kim, H; Park, K; Lee, A; Lee, N; Kim, M; Kim, J; Kim, C; Lee, J; Kang, C-
2019Middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection dynamics and antibody responses among clinically diverse patients, Saudi ArabiaPreimpresoAl-Abdely, H; Midgley, C; Alkhamis, A; Abedi, G; Lu, X; Binder, A; Alanazi, K; Tamin, A; Banjar, W; Lester, S; Abdalla, O; Dahl, R; Mohammed, M; Trivedi, S; Algarni, H; Sakthivel, S; Algwizani, A; Bafaqeeh, F; Alzahrani, A; Alsharef, A; Alhakeem, R; Jokhdar, H; Ghazal, S; Thornburg, N; Erdman, D; Assiri, A; Watson, J; Gerber, S-