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2019Recent aspects on the pathogenesis mechanism, animal models and novel therapeutic interventions for middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus infectionsPreimpresoSkariyachan, S; Challapilli, S; Packirisamy, S; Kumargowda, S; Sridhar, V-
2019Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the last two years: Health care workers still at riskPreimpresoAl-Tawfiq, J; Memish, Z-
2019Global epidemiology of bat coronavirusesPreimpresoWong, A; Li, X; Lau, S; Woo, P-
2019Descriptive Epidemiology, Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Infected Patients in AlAin – Abu Dhabi EmiratePreimpresoAlkendi, F; Nair, S; Hashmey, R-
2019What Have We Learned about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Emergence in Humans? A Systematic Literature ReviewPreimpresoDawson, P; Malik, M; Parvez, F; Morse, S-
2019African green monkey model of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infectionPreimpresoNalca, A; Totura, A; Livingston, V; Frick, O; Dyer, D-
2019Acute respiratory infection in human dipeptidyl peptidase 4-transgenic mice infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirusPreimpresoIwata-Yoshikawa, N; Okamura, T; Shimizu, Y; Kotani, O; Sato, H; Sekimukai, H; Fukushi, S; Suzuki, T; Sato, Y; Takeda, M; Tashiro, M; Hasegawa, H; Nagata, N-
2019Middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus in dromedaries in Ethiopia is antigenically different from the Middle East isolate EMCPreimpresoShirato, K; Melaku, S; Kawachi, K; Nao, N; Iwata-Yoshikawa, N; Kawase, M; Kamitani, W; Matsuyama, S; Tessema, T; Sentsui, H-
2019Selection and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus through a Human Synthetic Fab Phage Display Library PanningPreimpresoKim.; Lee.; Park.; Lim.; So.; Woo.; Ko.; Choi.; Song.; Kim.-
2019Comparison of serologic assays for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirusPreimpresoHarvey, R; Mattiuzzo, G; Hassall, M; Sieberg, A; Müller, M; Drosten, C; Rigsby, P; Oxenford, C; Caly, L; Li, C; Zhao, L; Tan, W; Peiris, M; Perera, M; Drosten, C; Kang, C; Wang, J; Haagmans, B; Okba, N; Gopal, R; Myhill, S; Thornburg, N-