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2019Examining the effect of smoking on suicidal ideation and attempts: A triangulation of epidemiological approachesPreimpresoRuth Harrison; Robyn E Wootton; George Davey Smith; Marcus R Munafo-
2019Clustering of susceptible individuals within households can drive measles outbreaks: an individual-based model explorationPreimpresoLander Willem; Elise Kuylen; Niel Hens; Philippe Beutels; Jan Broeckhove-
2019Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) A1298C polymorphism and risk of lung cancerPreimpresoVandana Rai-
2019All-cause mortality and causes of death in the Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort StudyPreimpresoBarbara Bertisch; The Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort Study; Olivia Keiser; Nasser Semmo; Andreas Cerny; Darius Moradpour; Francesco Negro; Christoph Junker; Patrick Schmid; Beat Müllhaupt; Olivier Clerc; David Semela; Maroussia Roelens-
2019Influenza-associated mortality for circulatory and respiratory causes during the 2013-2014 through the 2018-2019 influenza seasons in RussiaPreimpresoEdward Goldstein-
2019Comprehensive Spatiotemporal Analysis of Opioid Poisoning Mortality in Ohio from 2010 to 2016PreimpresoSara Crawford; Jean R. Clemenceau; Chihyun Park; Tae Hyun Hwang; Gowtham Atluri; Tyler Coy; Rocio Lopez; Anna Seballos-
2019Opioid Overdose in Ohio: Comprehensive Analysis of Associated Socioeconomic FactorsPreimpresoChihyun Park; Tyler Coy; Jean Clemenceau; Anna Seballos; Rocio Lopez; Sarah Crawford; Gowtham Atluri; Tae Hyun Hwang-
2019Estimates of the global burden of Japanese Encephalitis and the impact of vaccination from 2000-2015PreimpresoTran Minh Nhat; Nguyen Manh Duy; Tran Thi Nhu Thao; Tran Minh Quan; Hannah Clapham-
2019Using Paired Agent-Based Simulations To Test Strategies For Limiting The Effects Of EpidemicsPreimpresoFlavio Codeco Coelho; Margaret Armstrong-
2019Hidden heterogeneity and its influence on dengue vaccination impactPreimpresoMagdalene K. Walters; Alex Perkins-