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2020Analysis of therapeutic targets for SARS-CoV-2 and discovery of potential drugs by computational methodsPreimpresoWu, C; Liu, Y; Yang, Y; Zhang, P; Zhong, W; Wang, Y; Wang, Q; Xu, Y; Li, M; Li, X; Zheng, M; Chen, L; Li, H-
2020The mental health of medical workers in Wuhan, China dealing with the 2019 novel coronavirusPreimpresoKang, L; Li, Y; Hu, S; Chen, M; Yang, C; Yang, B; Wang, Y; Hu, J; Lai, J; Ma, X; Chen, J; Guan, L; Wang, G; Ma, H; Liu, Z-
2020Clinical features of pediatric patients with COVID-19: a report of two family cluster casesPreimpresoJi, L; Chao, S; Wang, Y; Li, X; Mu, X; Lin, M; Jiang, R-
2020Pathological findings of COVID-19 associated with acute respiratory distress syndromePreimpresoXu, Z; Shi, L; Wang, Y; Zhang, J; Huang, L; Zhang, C; Liu, S; Zhao, P; Liu, H; Zhu, L; Tai, Y; Bai, C; Gao, T; Song, J; Xia, P; Dong, J; Zhao, J; Wang, F-
2020Diagnosis and treatment recommendations for pediatric respiratory infection caused by the 2019 novel coronavirusPreimpresoChen, Z; Fu, J; Shu, Q; Chen, Y; Hua, C; Li, F; Lin, R; Tang, L; Wang, T; Wang, W; Wang, Y; Xu, W; Yang, Z; Ye, S; Yuan, T; Zhang, C; Zhang, Y-
2020Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in children: experts’ consensus statementPreimpresoShen, K; Yang, Y; Wang, T; Zhao, D; Jiang, Y; Jin, R; Zheng, Y; Xu, B; Xie, Z; Lin, L; Shang, Y; Lu, X; Shu, S; Bai, Y; Deng, J; Lu, M; Ye, L; Wang, X; Wang, Y; Gao, L-
2020Estimates of the severity of coronavirus disease 2019: a model-based analysisPreimpresoVerity, R; Okell, L; Dorigatti, I; Winskill, P; Whittaker, C; Imai, N; Cuomo-Dannenburg, G; Thompson, H; Walker, P; Fu, H; Dighe, A; Griffin, J; Baguelin, M; Bhatia, S; Boonyasiri, A; Cori, A; Cucunubá, Z; FitzJohn, R; Gaythorpe, K; Green, W; Hamlet, A; Hinsley, W; Laydon, D; Nedjati-Gilani, G; Riley, S; van Elsland, S; Volz, E; Wang, H; Wang, Y; Xi, X; Donnelly, C; Ghani, A; Ferguson, N-
2020Phase-adjusted estimation of the number of Coronavirus Disease 2019 cases in Wuhan, ChinaPreimpresoWang, H; Wang, Z; Dong, Y; Chang, R; Xu, C; Yu, X; Zhang, S; Tsamlag, L; Shang, M; Huang, J; Wang, Y; Xu, G; Shen, T; Zhang, X; Cai, Y-
2020Complete genome sequences of five human coronavirus NL63 strains causing respiratory illness in hospitalized children in ChinaPreimpresoZhang, L; Gan, M; Zhang, Z; Li, X; Liu, W; Zhu, A; Sun, J; Li, F; Wang, Y; Zhang, F; Zhao, J; Zhou, R; Zhao, J-
2020A recombinant infectious bronchitis virus from a chicken with a spike gene closely related to that of a turkey coronavirusPreimpresoWang, Y; Cui, X; Chen, X; Yang, S; Ling, Y; Song, Q; Zhu, S; Sun, L; Li, C; Li, Y; Deng, X; Delwart, E; Zhang, W-