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CT manifestations of coronavirus disease-2019: A retrospective analysis of 73 cases by disease severity
Liu, K
Xu, P
Lv, W
Qiu, X
Yao, J
Gu, J
Wei, W
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PURPOSE: To report CT features of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) in patients with various disease severity.METHODS: The CT manifestations and clinical data of 73 patients with COVID-19 were retrospectively collected in 6 hospitals from Jan 21 to Feb 3, 2020. We analyzed the initial and follow-up CT features of patients with disease severity, according to the Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of New Coronavirus Pneumonia.RESULTS: Six patients (8%) were diagnosed as mild type pneumonia; these patients had no obvious abnormal CT findings or manifested mild changes of lung infection. All 43 patients (59 %) with common type presented unique or multiple ground-glass opacities (GGO) in the periphery of the lungs, with or without interlobular septal thickening. In the 21 patients (29 %) with severe type, extensive GGO and pulmonary consolidation were found in 16 cases (16/21, 76 %) and 5 cases (24 %), respectively. An extensive "white lung", with atelectasis and pleural effusion were found in critical type patients (3, 4%). On the resolutive phase of the disease, CT abnormalities showed complete resolution, or demonstrated residual linear opacities.CONCLUSIONS: Different CT features are seen according to disease severity, which can help COVID-19 stratification.
European Journal of Radiology
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