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Effects of progressive muscle relaxation on anxiety and sleep quality in patients with COVID-19
Liu, K
Chen, Y
Wu, D
Lin, R
Wang, Z
Pan, L
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Highlights • In patients with COVID-19, all confirmed patients need to be treated in isolation due to strong infectivity. According to clinical observation, anxiety and sleep disturbances increased significantly after isolation treatment. Some sleep-promoting drugs may have respiratory depression, and the new coronary virus mainly affects lung tissue, and the use of drugs may increase respiratory depression. Therefore, we use asymptotic muscle relaxation training to alleviate the anxiety and improve sleep quality of patients with COVID-19. This training can be performed remotely and multiple times after one training session, without directly facing the patient, reducing doctor-patient contact and reducing medical infection risk. Currently, COVID-19 has a large number of cases in South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy. I hope our clinical research will be helpful to our country's clinical treatment and the above countries.
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
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