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Real-time tentative assessment of the epidemiological characteristics of novel coronavirus infections in Wuhan, China, as at 22 January 2020
Wu, P
Hao, X
Lau, E
Wong, J
Leung, K
Wu, J
Cowling, B
Leung, G
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A novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) causing severe acute respiratory disease emerged recently in Wuhan, China. Information on reported cases strongly indicates human-to-human spread, and the most recent information is increasingly indicative of sustained human-to-human transmission. While the overall severity profile among cases may change as more mild cases are identified, we estimate a risk of fatality among hospitalised cases at 14% (95% confidence interval: 3.9-32%).
Euro Surveillance - Bulletin Europeen Sur les Maladies Transmissibles / European Communicable Disease Bulletin
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