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A recombinant infectious bronchitis virus from a chicken with a spike gene closely related to that of a turkey coronavirus.
Wang Yan.
Cui Xuejiao.
Chen Xu.
Yang Shixing.
Ling Yu.
Song Qianben.
Zhu Su.
Sun Luying.
Li Chuang.
Li Yu.
Deng Xutao.
Delwart Eric.
Zhang Wen.
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Using viral metagenomics, the complete genome sequence of an infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strain (named ahysx-1) from a fecal sample from a healthy chicken in Anhui province, China, was determined. The genome sequence of ahysx-1 was found to be very similar to that of IBV strain ck/CH/LLN/131040 (KX252787), except for the spike gene region, which is similar to that of a turkey coronavirus strain (EU022526), suggesting that ahysx-1 is a recombinant. Recombination analysis and phylogenetic analysis based on the genomic sequences of ahysx-1 and other related strains confirmed that ahysx-1 appears to be a recombinant resulting from a recombination event that occurred between a chicken coronavirus and a turkey coronavirus. Further studies need to be performed to determine whether this recombinant IBV strain is pathogenic and whether it is transmitted between chickens and turkeys.
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