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Telemedicine in the fight against SARS-COV-2-opportunities and possible applications in otorhinolaryngology : Narrative review].
D Hagge.
A Knopf.
B Hofauer.
Acceso Abierto
INTRODUCTION:The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing healthcare systems worldwide to the brink of collapse. One reason for this is the rapidly increasing number of new infections. On the other hand, the high sickness rates of doctors and nurses, particularly in ENT medicine, are aggravating the situation. Telemedicine can be a useful tool to reduce the number of physician-patient contacts. This could break infection chains and minimize the risk of infection for physicians. METHODS:To prepare the review, a selective literature search was conducted at using the relevant English technical terms for telemedicine and ENT. In addition, research was conducted at on current developments of the COVID-19 pandemic with the search terms "telemedicine" and "COVID-19." RESULTS:Telemedicine can be helpful in direct contact with patients as well as in the conciliar support of general practitioners. The available studies show that, on average, more than 50% of medical consultations could be carried out telemedically. Both physicians and patients rate the use of telemedicine positively. Neither image quality nor the handling of the technology are relevant obstacles to a reliable diagnosis. Patients indicated that the telemedical consultation did not last longer than a traditional consultation. Patients also highlighted the faster and better availability of medical care through telemedicine. CONCLUSION:Telemedicine can make a decisive contribution to coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the establishment of telemedicine can help us to become better prepared for future pandemics.
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