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Guideline-based Chinese herbal medicine treatment plus standard care for severe coronavirus disease 2019 (G-CHAMPS): evidence from China
Yong-an Ye.
G-CHAMPS collaborative group.
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Abstract Objectives: To assess outcomes in patients who have severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and were treated with either China guideline based Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) plus standard care or standard care alone. Design: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Setting Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Wuhan, China Patients: A total of 42 adults with severe COVID-19. Interventions: Participants in the CHM plus standard care group received CHM and standard care, and the control group received standard care alone. Measurements and Main Results: The primary outcome was the change in the disease severity category of COVID-19 after treatment at 7 days. Among 42 participants who were randomized (mean [SD] age 60.43 years [12.69 years]; 21 [50%] were aged [≥] 65 years; and 35 [83%] women, 42 (100%) had data available for the primary outcome. For the primary outcome, one patient from each group died during treatment; the odds of a shift towards death was lower in the CHM plus group than the standard care alone group (common OR 0.59, 95% CI 0.148 to 2.352 P=.454). Three (2 from the CHM plus group and 1 from the standard care alone group) patients progressed from severe to critical illness. After treatment, mild, moderate, and severe COVID-19 disease accounted for 18% (5) vs 14% (2), 71% (20) vs 64% (9), and 0% (0) vs 7% (1) of the patients treated with CHM plus standard care vs. standard care alone. Conclusions: For the first time, the G-CHAMPS trial provided valuable information for the national guideline-based CHM treatment for hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19. CHM effects in COVID-19 may be clinically important and warrant further consideration and studies.
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