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Covid-19 and mobile phone hygiene in healthcare settings
Vineet Kumar Pathak
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Coronavirus Infections
Covid-19 is now a global pandemic. There is some evidence to suggest possible fomite transmission. Hence, inanimate objects play a significant role in their transmission. In this commentary, we discuss ‘mobile phones’ as a potential vector of severe acute respiratory syndrome-­CoV-2 spread. The use of mobile phones has not been restricted in hospital and other healthcare settings. Hence, mobile phones could be a missing link in controlling the covid-19 pandemic. We recommend, as part of efforts to control the covid-19 pandemic, awareness of ‘mobile phone hygiene’; restriction of mobile phone use in healthcare settings; avoiding the sharing of mobile phones, headphones or headsets of any kind; and widely disseminated advice from mobile companies, governments and WHO on how to disinfect mobile phones.
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