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Machine Learning Analysis of Chest CT Scan Images as a Complementary Digital Test of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patients
Dhurgham Al-karawi.
Shakir Al-Zaidi.
Nisreen Polus.
Sabah Jassim.
Acceso Abierto
This paper reports on the development and performance of machine learning schemes for the analysis of Chest CT Scan images of Coronavirus COVID-19 patients and demonstrates significant success in efficiently and automatically testing for COVID-19 infection. In particular, an innovative frequency domain algorithm, to be called FFT-Gabor scheme, will be shown to predict in almost real-time the state of the patient with an average accuracy of 95.37%, sensitivity 95.99% and specificity 94.76%. The FFT-Gabor scheme is adequately informative in that clinicians can visually examine the FFT-Gabor feature to support their final diagnostic.
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