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Management of ovarian cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic
Dario Mandato Vincenzo.
Aguzzoli Lorenzo.
Acceso Abierto
COVID-19 infection spread rapidly in Italy during the early months of 2020. Infection can vary in severity from asymptomatic disease to acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiorgan failure. The COVID-19 pandemic represents a severe stress test for the national health system. Very quickly hospitals have had to assist a large and unexpected number of patients owing to the rapid spread of the disease. This has led to a sudden shortage of hospital beds, medical and nursing staff, personal protective equipment (PPE), and ventilators. Entire hospitals have been converted into intensive care units, retired anesthesiologists have been called back to work, and specialists in other branches have been assigned to assist COVID-19 patients. Only urgent and non-postponable medical services are guaranteed.
International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics
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