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Contingency management strategies of the Nursing Department in centralized rescue of patients with coronavirus disease 2019
Wang, H
Feng, J
Shao, L
Wei, J
Wang, X
Xu, X
Shao, R
Zhang, M
He, J
Zhao, X
Liang, T
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Objectives This article aims to summarize a series of contingency management strategies of the Nursing Department in the centralized treatment of patients with coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19). Methods The strategies of the Nursing Department included early warning for prevention and control, taking functions of vertically commanding and horizontally coordinating, and reasonably allocating nursing workforce, to facilitate centralized treatment work in the in-hospital fever clinic, isolation wards and ICU, and referral and admission of critical patients. Five special groups were established in charge of training and examination, management and supervision, psychological support, logistical support, and reporting and publicity, respectively. Results It was achieved that no deaths from critical patients and no medical staff, no other patients were infected. Conclusion Through the implementation of these strategies, safe and efficient centralized treatment was ensured timely, orderly and sustainably.
International Journal of Nursing Sciences
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