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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2020Waiting for COVID-19ArtículoFrancis Trudy J.-
2020WBG Support for Tourism Clients and Destinations During the COVID-19 CrisisArtículoWorld Bank Group.-
2020We are here for you and ready to hear from you.ArtículoNathan Carl F.; Nussenzweig Michel C.; Pulvirenti Teodoro.-
2020We Asked the Experts: Covid-19 Outbreak: Is There Still a Place for Scheduled Surgery? “Reflection from Pathophysiological Data”ArtículoBesnier Emmanuel.; Tuech Jean-Jacques.; Schwarz Lilian.-
2020We Should Not Ignore What Scientific Articles are Telling US: A Lesson from the Italian COVID-19 ExperienceArtículoMontorsi Francesco.-
2020We shouldn’t worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks.ArtículoGrubaugh Nathan D..; Petrone Mary E..; Holmes Edward C..-
2020Weak Induction of Interferon Expression by SARS-CoV-2 Supports Clinical Trials of Interferon Lambda to Treat Early COVID-19.ArtículoO'Brien Thomas R.; Thomas David L.; Jackson Sarah S.; Prokunina-Olsson Ludmila.; Donnelly Raymond P.; Hartmann Rune.-
2020Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for COVID-19 Infection Detection and Classification from CT ImagesArtículoShaoping Hu.; Yuan Gao.; Zhangming Niu.; Yinghui Jiang.; Lao Li.; Xianglu Xiao.; Minhao Wang.; Evandro Fei Fang.; Wade Menpes-Smith.; Jun Xia.; Hui Ye.; Guang Yang.-
2020Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitoring Employing a Multimodal Digital Patch Stethoscope: Estimation of ECG, PEP, LVET and Respiration Using a 55 mm Single-Lead ECG and PhonocardiogramArtículoMichael Klum.; Mike Urban.; Timo Tigges.; Alexandru-Gabriel Pielmus.; Aarne Feldheiser.; Theresa Schmitt.; Reinhold Orglmeister.-
2020Weather-inspired ensemble-based probabilistic prediction of COVID-19ArtículoRoberto Buizza.-
2020Weekly Bulletin on Outbreak and other Emergencies: Week 11: 09 - 15 March 2020 ; Health Emergency Information and Risk AssessmentArtículoWorld Health Organization. Regional Office for Africa.-
2020Weekly Bulletin on Outbreak and other Emergencies: Week 9: 24 February - 1 March 2020 ; Health Emergency Information and Risk AssessmentArtículoWorld Health Organization Regional Office for Africa.-
2020Well-aerated Lung on Admitting Chest CT to Predict Adverse Outcome in COVID-19 Pneumonia.ArtículoColombi Davide.; Bodini Flavio C.; Petrini Marcello.; Maffi Gabriele.; Morelli Nicola.; Milanese Gianluca.; Silva Mario.; Sverzellati Nicola.; Michieletti Emanuele.-
2020WFUMB Position Statement: How to perform a safe ultrasound examination and clean equipment in the context of COVID-19ArtículoAbramowicz J.S..; Basseal J.M..-
2020What are the factors influencing the COVID-19 outbreak in Latin America?Artículode Freitas e Silva Rafael.; Pitzurra Raffaela.-
2020What are we doing in the dermatology outpatient department amidst the raging of the 2019 novel coronavirus?ArtículoChen Yusha.; Pradhan Sushmita.; Xue Siliang.-
2020What can early Canadian experience screening for COVID-19 teach us about how to prepare for a pandemic?PreimpresoLin, M; Beliavsky, A; Katz, K; Powis, J; Ng, W; Williams, V; Science, M; Groves, H; Muller, M; Vaisman, A; Hota, S; Johnstone, J; Leis, J-
2020What can European radiologists learn from the outbreak of COVID-19 in China? A discussion with a radiologist from WuhanArtículoGutzeit Andreas.; Li Qiubai.; Matoori Simon.; Li Basen.; Wang Liang.-
2020What does simple power law kinetics tell about our response to coronavirus pandemic?ArtículoPrateek Kumar Jha.-
2020What does simple power law kinetics tell about our response to coronavirus pandemic?PreimpresoPrateek Kumar Jha-