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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2020U.S. county-level characteristics to inform equitable COVID-19 responseArtículoTaylor Chin.; Rebecca Kahn.; Ruoran Li.; Jarvis T Chen.; Nancy Krieger.; Caroline O Buckee.; Satchit Balsari.; Mathew V Kiang.-
2020UKOSS: Pandemic COVID-19 in pregnancyArtículoKnight Marian.-
2020Ultra-high-resolution computed tomography can demonstrate alveolar collapse in novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumoniaArtículoIwasawa Tae.; Sato Midori.; Yamaya Takafumi.; Sato Yozo.; Uchida Yoshinori.; Kitamura Hideya.; Hagiwara Eri.; Komatsu Shigeru.; Utsunomiya Daisuke.; Ogura Takashi.-
2020Ultra-High-Resolution CT Follow-Up in Patients with Imported Early-Stage Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Related PneumoniaArtículoLin Yu.; Lv Shaomao.; Wang Jinan.; Kang Jianghe.; Zhang Youbin.; Feng Zhipeng.-
2020Un nouveau coronavirus se propage: faisons-nous ce qu’il faut?PreimpresoVuichard, D; Widmer, A; Krause, M-
2020Under the epidemic situation of COVID‐19, should special attention to pregnant women be given?ArtículoJiao Jian.-
2020Understand Research Hotspots Surrounding COVID-19 and Other Coronavirus Infections Using Topic ModelingArtículoDong Mengying.; Cao Xiaojun.; Liang Mingbiao.; Li Lijuan.; Liu Guangjian.; Liang Huiying.-
2020Understanding coronavirus disease (COVID-19) risk perceptions among the public to enhance risk communication efforts: a practical approach for outbreaks, Finland, February 2020ArtículoLohiniva Anna-Leena.; Sane Jussi.; Sibenberg Katja.; Puumalainen Taneli.; Salminen Mika.-
2020Understanding COVID-19 new diagnostic guidelines - a message of reassurance from an internal medicine doctor in ShanghaiPreimpresoBischof, E; Chen, G; Ferretti, M-
2020Understanding COVID-19 spreading through simulation modeling and scenarios comparison: preliminary results.ArtículoBORDEHORE CESAR.; Navarro Miriam.; Herrador Zaida.; Fonfria Eva S..-
2020Understanding COVID-19 spreading through simulation modeling and scenarios comparison: preliminary results.PreimpresoEva S. Fonfria; Miriam Navarro; CESAR BORDEHORE; Zaida Herrador-
2020Understanding Economic and Health Factors Impacting the Spread of COVID-19 DiseaseArtículoAleksandr Farseev.; Yu-Yi Chu-Farseeva.; Yang Qi.; Daron Benjamin Loo.-
2020Understanding SARS-CoV-2-Mediated Inflammatory Responses: From Mechanisms to Potential Therapeutic ToolsPreimpresoFu, Y; Cheng, Y; Wu, Y-
2020Understanding SARS-CoV-2-Mediated Inflammatory Responses: From Mechanisms to Potential Therapeutic Tools.ArtículoFu Yajing.; Cheng Yuanxiong.; Wu Yuntao.-
2020Understanding the B and T cells epitopes of spike protein of severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2: A computational way to predict the immunogensArtículoYoya Vashi.; Vipin Jagrit.; Sachin Kumar.-
2020Understanding the CoVID-19 pandemic Curve through statistical approachArtículoAkhtar Ibrar ul Hassan.-
2020Understanding the COVID19 Outbreak: A Comparative Data Analytics and StudyArtículoAnis Koubaa.-
2020Understanding the emerging coronavirus: what it means for health security and infection preventionPreimpresoPeters, A; Vetter, P; Guitart, C; Lotfinejad, N; Pittet, D-
2020Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Latino Sexual Minority Men in a US HIV Hot SpotArtículoHarkness Audrey.; Behar-Zusman Victoria.; Safren Steven A.-
2020Understanding the Molecular Mechanism(s) of SARS-CoV2 Infection and Propagation in Human to Discover Potential Preventive and Therapeutic ApproachArtículoRaj Sibi.; Chandel Vaishali.; Rathi Brijesh.; Kumar Dhruv.-