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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2020Keep Calm and Log On: Telemedicine for COVID-19 Pandemic ResponseArtículoDoshi Ameet.; Platt Yonatan.; Dressen John R.; Matthews Benji K.; Siy Jerome C.-
2020Keep older healthcare workers off the covid-19 front lineArtículoAshcroft John.-
2020Keep Taking Your ACE Inhibitors and ARBs During the COVID 19 PandemicArtículoSpeth Robert C.-
2020Keep up with the latest coronavirus research.ArtículoQ Chen.; A Allot.; Z Lu.-
2020Keeping the Wheels of the Scientific Endeavor Turning during the COVID-19 PandemicArtículoJustman Quincey.-
2020Keratoconjunctivitis as the initial medical presentation of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)ArtículoCheema Marvi.; Aghazadeh Helya.; Nazarali Samir.; Ting Andrew.; Hodges Jennifer.; McFarlane Alexandra.; Kanji Jamil N..; Zelyas Nathan.; Damji Karim F..; Solarte Carlos.-
2020Key planning recommendations for mass gatherings in the context of COVID-19: interim guidance, 19 March 2020ArtículoWorld Health Organization.-
2020Key Points of Clinical and CT Imaging Features of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Imported Pneumonia Based On 21 Cases AnalysisArtículowenxiu Wu.; zhifeng xu.; yabin Jin.; aizhen Pan.-
2020Key to successful treatment of COVID-19: accurate identification of severe risks and early intervention of disease progressionArtículomeizhu chen.; changli tu.; Cuiyan Tan.; Xiaobin Zheng.; xiaohua wang.; jian wu.; Yiying Huang.; zhenguo wang.; yan yan.; zhonghe li.; hong shan.; Jing Liu.; jin huang.-
2020KI and the COVID-19 InfectionPreimpresoRovin, B-
2020Kidney disease is associated with in-hospital death of patients with COVID-19PreimpresoCheng, Y; Luo, R; Wang, K; Zhang, M; Wang, Z; Dong, L; Li, J; Yao, Y; Ge, S; Xu, G-
2020Kidney disease is associated with in-hospital death of patients with COVID-19ArtículoCheng Yichun.; Luo Ran.; Wang Kun.; Zhang Meng.; Wang Zhixiang.; Dong Lei.; Li Junhua.; Yao Ying.; Ge Shuwang.; Xu Gang.-
2020Kidney diseases in the time of COVID-19: major challenges to patient careArtículoRabb Hamid.-
2020Kidney involvement in COVID-19 and rationale for extracorporeal therapiesArtículoRonco Claudio.; Reis Thiago.-
13-May-2020Kinetics of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgM and IgG responses in COVID-19 patientsArtículoBaoqing Sun; Ying Feng; Xiaoneng Mo; Peiyan Zheng; Qian Wang; Pingchao Li; Ping Peng; Xiaoqing Liu; Zhilong Chen; Huimin Huang; Fan Zhang; Wenting Luo; Xuefeng Niu; Peiyu Hu; Longyu Wang; Hui Peng; Zhifeng Huang; Liqiang Feng; Feng Li; Fuchun Zhang; Fang Li; Nanshan Zhong; Ling Chen10-Jul-2020
2020Knowledge and attitudes of medical staff in Chinese psychiatric hospitals regarding COVID-19ArtículoShi Yudong.; Wang Juan.; Yang Yating.; Wang Zhiqiang.; Wang Guoqing.; Hashimoto Kenji.; Zhang Kai.; Liu Huanzhong.-
2020Knowledge and behaviors toward COVID-19 among U.S. residents during the early days of the pandemicArtículoClements John M.-
2020Knowledge and Beliefs towards Universal Safety Precautions to flatten the curve during Novel Coronavirus Disease (nCOVID-19) Pandemic among general Public in India: Explorations from a National PerspectiveArtículoSai Krishna Gudi.; Krishna Undela.; Rajesh Venkataraman.; Uday Venkat Mateti.; Manik Chhabra.; Sanath Nyamagoud.; Komal Krishna Tiwari.-
2020Knowledge and Perceptions of COVID-19 Among the General Public in the United States and the United Kingdom: A Cross-sectional Online SurveyPreimpresoGeldsetzer, P-
2020Knowledge and practices towards COVID-19 during its outbreak: a multinational cross-sectional studyArtículoAbdallah Y Naser.; Eman Zmaily Dahmash.; Hassan Alwafi.; Zahra Khalil Alsairafi.; Ahmed M. Al Rajeh.; Yosra J Alhartani.; Fawaz Mohammad Turkistani.; Hamad S. Alyami.-