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2020C-reactive protein levels in the early stage of COVID-19ArtículoWang L..-
2020Calcium channel blocker amlodipine besylate is associated with reduced case fatality rate of COVID-19 patients with hypertensionArtículoLeike Zhang.; Yuan Sun.; Hao-Long Zeng.; Yudong Peng.; Xiaming Jiang.; Wei-Juan Shang.; Yan Wu.; Shufen Li.; Yu-Lan Zhang.; Liu Yang.; Hongbo Chen.; Runming Jin.; Wei Liu.; Hao Li.; Ke Peng.; Gengfu Xiao.-
2020Calibrated Intervention and Containment of the COVID-19 PandemicArtículoLiang Tian.; Xuefei Li.; Fei Qi.; Qian-Yuan Tang.; Viola Tang.; Jiang Liu.; Zhiyuan Li.; Xingye Cheng.; Xuanxuan Li.; Yingchen Shi.; Haiguang Liu.; Lei-Han Tang.-
2020Calibration of individual-based models to epidemiological data: a systematic reviewPreimpresoJonathan Dushoff; Emanuel M Dominic; Zinhle E Mthombothi; Wim Delva; C. Marijn Hazelbag-
2020Call for Papers: The pathophysiology of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 infectionArtículoMorty Rory E..; Ziebuhr John.-
2020Call to Action: Announcing the Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Health and Medicine COVID-19 Support RegistryArtículoWeeks John.-
2020Can a paper-based device trace COVID-19 sources with wastewater-based epidemiology?ArtículoMao, Kang.; Zhang, Hua.; Yang, Zhugen.-
2020Can AI help in screening Viral and COVID-19 pneumonia?ArtículoMuhammad E H Chowdhury.; Tawsifur Rahman.; Amith Khandakar.; Rashid Mazhar.; Muhammad Abdul Kadir.; Zaid Bin Mahbub.; Khandakar R Islam.; Muhammad Salman Khan.; Atif Iqbal.; Nasser Al-Emadi.; Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz.-
2020Can atmospheric pollution be considered a co-factor in extremely high level of SARS-CoV-2 lethality in Northern Italy?ArtículoE Conticini.; B Frediani.; D Caro.-
2020Can China's COVID-19 strategy work elsewhere?PreimpresoKupferschmidt, K; Cohen, J-
2020Can China's COVID-19 strategy work elsewhere?ArtículoKupferschmidt Kai.; Cohen Jon.-
2020Can Chinese Medicine Be Used for Prevention of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)? A Review of Historical Classics, Research Evidence and Current Prevention ProgramsPreimpresoLuo, H; Tang, Q; Shang, Y; Liang, S; Yang, M; Robinson, N; Liu, J-
2020Can companion animals become infected with Covid-19?ArtículoAlmendros Angel.-
2020Can COVID-19 present unusual GI symptoms?PreimpresoHormati, A; Shahhamzeh, A; Afifian, M; Khodadust, F; Ahmadpour, S-
2020Can increasing years of schooling reduce type 2 diabetes (T2D)?--Evidence from a Mendelian randomization of T2D and 10 of its risk factors.PreimpresoBrian B. Boutwell; Charleen D. Adams-
2020Can N95 respirators be reused after disinfection? And for how many times?ArtículoLei Liao.; Wang Xiao.; Mervin Zhao.; Xuanze Yu.; Haotian Wang.; Qiqi Wang.; Steven Chu.; Yi Cui.-
2020Can Nigeria contain the COVID-19 outbreak using lessons from recent epidemics?PreimpresoEbenso, B; Otu, A-
2020Can Search Query Forecast successfully in China's 2019-nCov pneumonia?PreimpresoWu Qi; Lv Benfu; Li Xiaoxuan-
2020Can the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Affect the Eyes? A Review of Coronaviruses and Ocular Implications in Humans and AnimalsArtículoSeah Ivan.; Agrawal Rupesh.-
2020Can the COVID-19 epidemic be controlled on the basis of daily test reports?ArtículoFrancesco Casella.-