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2020Can the COVID-19 epidemic be controlled on the basis of daily test reports?ArtículoFrancesco Casella.-
2020Can the COVID-19 epidemic be managed on the basis of daily data?ArtículoFrancesco Casella.-
2019Can the impact of childhood adiposity on disease risk be reversed? A Mendelian randomization studyPreimpresoEleanor Sanderson; Benjamin Elsworth; Kate Tilling; George Davey Smith; Tom G Richardson-
2020Can we contain the COVID-19 outbreak with the same measures as for SARS?PreimpresoWilder-Smith, A; Chiew, C; Lee, V-
2020Can we contain the COVID-19 outbreak with the same measures as for SARS?ArtículoWilder-Smith Annelies.; Chiew Calvin J.; Lee Vernon J.-
2020Can we use interleukin-6 (IL-6) blockade for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-induced cytokine release syndrome (CRS)?ArtículoLiu Bingwen.; Li Min.; Zhou Zhiguang.; Guan Xuan.; Xiang Yufei.-
2020Canada and COVID-19: learning from SARSArtículoWebster Paul.-
2020Canada needs to rapidly escalate public health interventions for its COVID-19 mitigation strategiesPreimpresoScarabel, F; Pellis, L; Bragazzi, N; Wu, J-
2020Cancer Care Delivery Challenges Amidst Coronavirus Disease – 19 (COVID-19) Outbreak: Specific Precautions for Cancer Patients and Cancer Care Providers to Prevent SpreadArtículoShankar Abhishek.; Saini Deepak.; Roy Shubham.; Mosavi Jarrahi Alireza.; Chakraborty Abhijit.; Bharti Sachidanand Jee.; Taghizadeh-Hesary Farzad.-
2020Cancer care in the time of COVID-19ArtículoBurki Talha Khan.-
2020Cancer patients in covid-19 era: swimming against the tideArtículoFabiana Gregucci.; Caliandro Morena.; Surgo Alessia.; Carbonara Roberta.; Bonaparte Ilaria.; Fiorentino Alba.-
2020Cancer patients in SARS-CoV-2 infection: a nationwide analysis in China.ArtículoLiang Wenhua.; Guan Weijie.; Chen Ruchong.; Wang Wei.; Li Jianfu.; Xu Ke.; Li Caichen.; Ai Qing.; Lu Weixiang.; Liang Hengrui.; Li Shiyue.; He Jianxing.-
2020Cancer Research Ethics and COVID-19ArtículoShuman Andrew G..; Pentz Rebecca D..-
2020Cancer, COVID-19 and the precautionary principle: prioritizing treatment during a global pandemicArtículoHanna Timothy P.; Evans Gerald A.; Booth Christopher M.-
2020Capacities and predicted demands of Brazil's health system in view of the novel coronavirus disease outbreakArtículoEric Luis Barroso Cavalcante.; Juliana Cristina Cardoso Ferreira.-
2020Capacity in the time of Coronavirus.ArtículoBarrister Alex Ruck Keene.-
2020Cardiac arrhythmias in patients with COVID‐19ArtículoYueying Wang; Zhaojia Wang; Gary Tse; Lin Zhang; Elaine Y. Wan; Yutao Guo; Gregory Y. H. Lip; Guangping Li; Zhibing Lu; Tong Liu28-Jul-2020
2020Cardiac drugs and outcome in COVID - 19ArtículoMishra Ajay Kumar.; Sahu Kamal Kant.; Sargent Jennifer.-
2020Cardiac drugs and outcome in COVID-19: ReplyArtículoGoldstein Mark R.; Poland Gregory A.; Graeber Charles W.-
2020Cardiac or Infectious? Transfer Learning with Chest X-Rays for ER Patient ClassificationArtículoJonathan Stubblefield.; Mitchell Hervert.; Jason Causey.; Jake Qualls.; Wei Dong.; Lingrui Cai.; Jennifer Fowler.; Emily Bellis.; Karl Walker.; Jason H. Moore.; Sara Nehring.; Xiuzhen Huang.-