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2020Trend and forecasting of the COVID-19 outbreak in ChinaPreimpresoLi, Q; Feng, W; Quan, Y-
2020Trends and prediction in daily incidence of novel coronavirus infection in China, Hubei Province and Wuhan City: an application of Farr lawPreimpresoXiaoling Yuan; Jie Xu; Yajiao Cheng; Wei V. Li; Lanjing Zhang-
2020Trends and Prediction in Daily New Cases and Deaths of COVID-19 in the United States: An Internet Search-Interest Based ModelArtículoYuan Xiaoling.; Xu Jie.; Hussain Sabiha.; Wang He.; Gao Nan.; Zhang Lanjing.-
2020Trends in Prescriptions of Lithium and Other Medications for Patients with Bipolar Disorder in Office-based Practices in the United States: 1996-2015PreimpresoYian Lin; Ramin Mojtabai; Fernando S Goes; Peter P Zandi-
2020Triage assessment of cardiorespiratory risk status based on measurement of the anaerobic threshold, and estimation by patient-reported activity limitationArtículoSaranya Thurairatnam.; Filip Gawecki.; Timothy Strangeways.; Joseph Perks.; Vatshalan Santhirapala.; Jonathan Myers.; Hannah C Tighe.; Luke SGE Howard.; Claire L Shovlin.-
2020Triage of scarce critical care resources in COVID-19: an implementation guide for regional allocation An expert panel report of the Task Force for Mass Critical Care and the American College of Chest PhysiciansArtículoMaves Ryan C..; Downar James.; Dichter Jeffrey R..; Hick John L..; Devereaux Asha.; Geiling James A..; Kissoon Niranjan.; Hupert Nathaniel.; Niven Alexander S..; King Mary A..; Rubinson Lewis L..; Hanfling Dan.; Hodge James G..; Marshall Mary Faith.; Fischkoff Katherine.; Evans Laura E..; Tonelli Mark R..; Wax Randy S..; Seda Gilbert.; Parrish John S..; Truog Robert D..; Sprung Charles L..; Christian Michael D..-
2020Triaging Office-Based Urologic Procedures During the COVID-19 PandemicArtículoKatz Eric G..; Bukavina Laura.; Stensland Kristian S..; Ponsky Lee.; Mandeville Jessica A..; MacLachlan Lara S..; Moinzadeh Alireza.; Sorcini Andrea.; Chang Sam S..; Zaid Harras B..-
2020Triaging patients in the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirusArtículoGuoqing Huang.; Weiqian Zeng.; Wenbo Wang.; Yanmin Song.; Xiaoye Mo.; Jia Li.; Ping Wu.; Ruolong Wang.; Fangyi Zhou.; Jing Wu.; Bin Yi.; Zeng Xiong.; Lu Zhou.; Fanqi Wang.; Yangjing Tian.; Wenbao Hu.; Xia Xu.; Ruonan Zhai.; Kai Yuan.; Xiangmin Li.; Xinjian Qiu.; Jian Qiu.; Aimin Wang.-
2020Triaging Spine Surgery in the COVID-19 EraArtículoDonnally Chester J..; Shenoy Kartik.; Vaccaro Alexander R..; Schroeder Gregory D..; Kepler Christopher K..-
2020Trials of anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy for COVID-19 are urgently neededArtículoFeldmann Marc.; Maini Ravinder N.; Woody James N.; Holgate Stephen T.; Winter Gregory.; Rowland Matthew.; Richards Duncan.; Hussell Tracy.-
2020Triphosphates of the Two Components in DESCOVY and TRUVADA are Inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 PolymeraseArtículoSteffen Jockusch.; Chuanjuan Tao.; Xiaoxu Li.; Thomas K. Anderson.; Minchen Chien.; Shiv Kumar.; James J. Russo.; Robert Kirchdoerfer.; Jingyue Ju.-
2020Trump claims public health warnings on covid-19 are a conspiracy against himArtículoDyer Owen.-
2020Trypsin treatment unlocks barrier for zoonotic bat coronavirus infectionPreimpresoMenachery, V; Dinnon, K; Yount, B; McAnarney, E; Gralinski, L; Hale, A; Graham, R; Scobey, T; Anthony, S; Wang, L; Graham, B; Randell, S; Lipkin, W; Baric, R-
2020Twice-Weekly Hemodialysis Is an Option for Many Patients in Times of Dialysis Unit Stress.ArtículoMeyer Timothy W.; Hostetter Thomas H.; Watnick Suzanne.-
2020TWIRLS, an automated topic-wise inference method based on massive literature, suggests a possible mechanism via ACE2 for the pathological changes in the human host after coronavirus infectionArtículoXiaoyang Ji.; Chunming Zhang.; Yubo Zhai.; Zhonghai Zhang.; Chunli Zhang.; Yiqing Xue.; Guangming Tan.; Gang Niu.-
2020Two mechanisms for accelerated diffusion of COVID-19 outbreaks in regions with high intensity of population and polluting industrialization: the air pollution-to-human and human-to-human transmission dynamicsArtículoMario Coccia.-
2020Type 2 and interferon inflammation strongly regulate SARS-CoV-2 related gene expression in the airway epitheliumArtículoSatria P Sajuthi.; Peter DeFord.; Nathan D Jackson.; Michael T Montgomery.; Jamie L Everman.; Cydney L Rios.; Elmar Pruesse.; James D Nolin.; Elizabeth G Plender.; Michael E Wechsler.; Angel CY Mak.; Celeste Eng.; Sandra Salazar.; Vivian Medina.; Eric M Wohlford.; Scott Huntsman.; Deborah A Nickerson.; Soren Germer.; Michael C Zody.; Goncalo Abecasis.; Hyun Min Kang.; Kenneth M Rice.; Sam Oh.; Jose Rodriguez-Santana.; Esteban G Burchard.; Max A Seibold.-
2020U.S. county-level characteristics to inform equitable COVID-19 responseArtículoTaylor Chin.; Rebecca Kahn.; Ruoran Li.; Jarvis T Chen.; Nancy Krieger.; Caroline O Buckee.; Satchit Balsari.; Mathew V Kiang.-
2020UKOSS: Pandemic COVID-19 in pregnancyArtículoKnight Marian.-
2020Ultra-high-resolution computed tomography can demonstrate alveolar collapse in novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumoniaArtículoIwasawa Tae.; Sato Midori.; Yamaya Takafumi.; Sato Yozo.; Uchida Yoshinori.; Kitamura Hideya.; Hagiwara Eri.; Komatsu Shigeru.; Utsunomiya Daisuke.; Ogura Takashi.-