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2020Switch from oral anticoagulants to parenteral heparin in SARS-CoV-2 hospitalized patients.ArtículoTesta Sophie.; Paoletti Oriana.; Giorgi-Pierfranceschi Matteo.; Pan Angelo.-
2020Swivel-HEPA-ETT (SHE) bougie and HEPA-ETT (HE) methods for safe intubation while managing patients with COVID-19ArtículoLin Li-Wei.; Hung Tzu-Yao.-
2019Symbolic transfer entropy reveals the age structure of pandemic influenza transmission from high-volume influenza-like illness dataPreimpresoJulia Gog; Bryan Grenfell; Cecile Viboud; Stephen M Kissler-
2020Symptom Cluster of ICU nurses treating COVID-19 pneumonia patients in Wuhan, ChinaArtículoYifan Tang.; Ying Liu.; Chunhong Gao.; Jing Song.; Rong Wang.; Zhenyu Li.; Zejuan Gu.; Peihung Liao.-
2020Symptom-Based Isolation Policies: Evidence from a Mathematical Model of Outbreaks of Influenza and COVID-19ArtículoAdam Burns.; Alexander Gutfraind.-
2020Symptomatology during seasonal coronavirus infections in children is associated with viral and bacterial co-detectionArtículoEmma M. de Koff.; Marlies A. van Houten.; Elisabeth A.M. Sanders.; Debby Bogaert.-
2020Synchronized travel restrictions across cities can be effective in COVID-19 controlArtículoLiu Haiyan.; Bai Xuemei.; Shen Huanfeng.; Pang Xiaoping.; Liang Zeyu.; Liu Yue.-
2020Syndromic detectability of haemorrhagic fever outbreaksPreimpresoJames L N Wood; Olivier Restif; Edyth Parker; C Reed Hranac; Fausto A Bustos Carillo; Colin J Carlson; Freya L Jephcott; Alexandra Oti; Emma E Glennon-
2020Systematic Cell Line-Based Identification of Drugs Modifying ACE2 ExpressionArtículoSinha Sanju.; Cheng Kuoyuan.; Aldape Kenneth.; Schiff Eyal.; Ruppin Eytan.-
2020Systematic comparison of two animal-to-human transmitted human coronaviruses: SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoVPreimpresoXu, J; Zhao, S; Teng, T; Abdalla, A; Zhu, W; Xie, L; Wang, Y; Guo, X-
2020Systematic review and meta-analysis of predictive symptoms and comorbidities for severe COVID-19 infectionArtículoJain, Vageesh.; Yuan, Jin-Min.-
2020Systematic review of COVID-19 in children shows milder cases and a better prognosis than adultsArtículoLudvigsson Jonas F..-
2020Systematic Review of the Registered Clinical Trials of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)ArtículoZhu, Rui-fang.; Gao, Ru-lu.; Robert, Sue-Ho.; Gao, Jin-ping.; Yang, Shi-gui.; Zhu, Changtai.-
2020Systemic analysis of tissue cells potentially vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection by the protein-proofed single-cell RNA profiling of ACE2, TMPRSS2 and Furin proteasesArtículoLulin Zhou.; Zubiao Niu.; Xiaoyi Jiang.; Zhengrong Zhang.; You Zheng.; Zhongyi Wang.; Yichao Zhu.; Lihua Gao.; Xiaoning Wang.; Qiang Sun.-
2020Take precautions beforehand: calling for clinical trials of pediatric drugs for treating coronavirus disease 2019.ArtículoNi Shao-Qing.; Fu Qi-Bo.; Shou Xin-Yi.; Shu Qiang.-
2020Take proactive measures for the pandemic COVID-19 infection in the dialysis facilitiesArtículoLee Jia-Jung.; Lin Chun-Yu.; Chiu Yi-Wen.; Hwang Shang-Jyh.-
2020Taking the right measures to control COVID-19PreimpresoXiao, Y; Torok, M-
2020Taking the right measures to control COVID-19 in ophthalmology: the experience of a tertiary eye care referral center in ItalyArtículoBorrelli Enrico.; Sacconi Riccardo.; Querques Lea.; Zucchiatti Ilaria.; Prascina Francesco.; Bandello Francesco.; Querques Giuseppe.-
2020Target Virus or Target Ourselves for COVID-19 Drugs Discovery?-Lessons learned from anti-influenzas virus therapiesArtículoLiao Jiayu.; Way George.; Madahar Vipul.-
2020Target-Specific and Selective Drug Design for COVID-19 Using Deep Generative ModelsArtículoVijil Chenthamarakshan.; Payel Das.; Inkit Padhi.; Hendrik Strobelt.; Kar Wai Lim.; Ben Hoover.; Samuel C. Hoffman.; Aleksandra Mojsilovic.-