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2020Proposal for prevention and control of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease in newborn infants.ArtículoLi Fang.; Feng Zhi Chun.; Shi Yuan.-
2020Proposal of a low-dose, long-pitch, dual-source chest CT protocol on third-generation dual-source CT using a tin filter for spectral shaping at 100 kVp for CoronaVirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients: a feasibility studyArtículoAgostini Andrea.; Floridi Chiara.; Borgheresi Alessandra.; Badaloni Myriam.; Esposto Pirani Paolo.; Terilli Filippo.; Ottaviani Letizia.; Giovagnoni Andrea.-
2020Proposed protocol to keep COVID-19 out of hospitalsPreimpresoGlauser, W-
2020Proposed protocol to keep COVID-19 out of hospitalsArtículoGlauser Wendy.-
2020Proposing a fungal metabolite-Flaviolin as a potential inhibitor of 3CLpro of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 using docking and molecular dynamicsArtículoPriyashi Rao.; Arpit Shukla.; Paritosh Parmar.; Dweipayan Goswami.-
2020Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Recommendations in Response to COVID-19PreimpresoZaorsky, N; Yu, J; McBride, S; Dess, R; Jackson, W; Mahal, B; Chen, R; Choudhury, A; Henry, A; Syndikus, I; Mitin, T; Tree, A; Kishan, A; Spratt, D-
2020Protecting health-care workers from subclinical coronavirus infectionPreimpresoChang, D; Xu, H; Rebaza, A; Sharma, L; Dela Cruz, C-
2020Protecting health-care workers from subclinical coronavirus infection.ArtículoChang De.; Xu Huiwen.; Rebaza Andre.; Sharma Lokesh.; Dela Cruz Charles S.-
2020Protecting Healthcare Workers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak: Lessons From Taiwan’s Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ResponsePreimpresoSchwartz, J; King, C; Yen, M-
2020Protecting Labor and Delivery Personnel from COVID-19 during the Second Stage of LaborArtículoPalatnik Anna.; McIntosh Jennifer J..-
2020Protecting our health care workers while protecting our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic: a comparison of approaches and early outcomes in two Italian regions, Italy, 2020ArtículoNancy Binkin.; Stefania Salmaso.; Federica Michieletto.; Francesca Russo.-
2020Protection of CT suites from COVID‐19 infection in a tertiary emergency hospitalArtículoKatsumori Tetsuya.; Yoshikawa Tatsuya.-
2020Protein Structure and Sequence Reanalysis of 2019-nCoV Genome Refutes Snakes as Its Intermediate Host and the Unique Similarity between Its Spike Protein Insertions and HIV-1.ArtículoZhang Chengxin.; Zheng Wei.; Huang Xiaoqiang.; Bell Eric W.; Zhou Xiaogen.; Zhang Yang.-
2020Protocol for a multicentre study of nosocomial SARS-CoV2 transmission The NOSO-COR ProjectArtículoMitra Saadatian-Elahi.; Valentina Picot-Sanchez.; Laetitia Henaff.; Florence Pradel.; Vanessa Escuret.; Cedric Dananche.; Christelle Elias.; Hubert Endtz.; Philippe Vanhems.-
2020Protocol for a randomized controlled trial testing inhaled nitric oxide therapy in spontaneously breathing patients with COVID-19ArtículoBerra, Lorenzo.; Lei, Chong.; Su, Binxiao.; Dong, Hailong.; Safaee Fakhr, Bijan.; Grassi, Luigi Giuseppe.; Di Fenza, Raffaele.; Gianni, Stefano.; Pinciroli, Riccardo.; Vassena, Emanuele.; Araujo Morais, Caio Cesar.; Bellavia, Andrea.; Spina, Stefano.; Kacmarek, Robert.; Carroll, Ryan.-
2019Protocol for an observational study evaluating new approaches to modelling diagnostic information from large administrative hospital datasetsPreimpresoDavid A Cromwell; Jan van der Meulen; Linda D Sharples; Thomas E Cowling-
2020Protocol for an Observational Study on the Effects of Social Distancing on Influenza-Like Illness and COVID-19ArtículoBo Zhang.; Ting Ye.; Siyu Heng.; Michael Z. Levy.; Dylan S. Small.-
2020Providing health care to patients with hearing loss during COVID-19 and physical distancingArtículoWest Jessica S..; Franck Kevin H..; Welling D. Bradley.-
2020Providing pharmacy services at cabin hospitals at the coronavirus epicenter in China.ArtículoMeng Long.; Qiu Feng.; Sun Shusen.-
2020Providing pharmacy services during the coronavirus pandemic.ArtículoLiu Shao.; Luo Ping.; Tang Mimi.; Hu Qin.; Polidoro Joseph P.; Sun Shusen.; Gong Zhicheng.-