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2020Operational Strategies to Prevent COVID-19 spread in Radiology: Experience from a Singapore Radiology Department after SARSPreimpresoGoh, Y; Chua, W; Lee, J; Leng Ang, B; Liang, C; Tan, C; Wen Choong, D; Hoon, H; Leong Ong, M; Quek, S-
2020Operational support & logistics: disease commodity packagesArtículoWorld Health Organization.-
2020Opinion to address the personal protective equipment shortage in the global community during the COVID-19 outbreakArtículoDargaville Tim.; Spann Kirsten.; Celina Mathew.-
2020Opinions from the epicenter: an online survey of university students in Wuhan amidst the COVID-19 outbreak1ArtículoYang Huan.; Bin Peng.; He Alex Jingwei.-
2019Opioid Overdose in Ohio: Comprehensive Analysis of Associated Socioeconomic FactorsPreimpresoChihyun Park; Tyler Coy; Jean Clemenceau; Anna Seballos; Rocio Lopez; Sarah Crawford; Gowtham Atluri; Tae Hyun Hwang-
2020Optical techniques for fast screening – towards prevention of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreakArtículode Carvalho Luis Felipe das Chagas e Silva.; Nogueira Marcelo Saito.-
2020Optimal COVID-19 epidemic control until vaccine deploymentArtículoDjidjou-Demasse Ramses.; Michalakis Yannis.; Choisy Marc.; Sofonea Micea T..; Alizon Samuel.-
2020Optimal, near-optimal, and robust epidemic controlArtículoDylan H. Morris.; Fernando W. Rossine.; Joshua B. Plotkin.; Simon A. Levin.-
2020Optimising influenza vaccination during a SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in South Africa could help maintain the integrity of our healthcare systemArtículoPreiser, W.; Mendelson, M.; Taljaard, J.-
2020Optimising Lockdown Policies for Epidemic Control using Reinforcement LearningArtículoHarshad Khadilkar.; Tanuja Ganu.; Deva P Seetharam.-
2020Optimization Method for Forecasting Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in ChinaPreimpresoAl-qaness, M; Ewees, A; Fan, H; Abd El Aziz, M-
2020Optimization Method for Forecasting Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in ChinaArtículoMohammed A. A. Al-qaness.; Ahmed A. Ewees.; Hong Fan.; Mohamed Abd El Aziz.-
2020Optimization of Microbiological Laboratory Detection Strategy for Patients in A Designated Hospital Treating Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Anhui ProvinceArtículoWenjiao Chang.; Yuru Shi.; Yingjie Qi.; Jiaxing Liu.; Ting Liu.; Zhaowu Chen.; Wenjing Zhang.; Mengmeng Wang.; Dongfeng Liu.; Ming Yin.; Jing Xu.; Yun Yang.; Xiaowu Zhu.; Jing Ge.; Shu Zhu.; Yong Gao.; Xiaoling Ma.-
2020Optimization of the intravenous infusion workflow in isolation ward for patients with coronavirus disease 2019PreimpresoSong, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, L; Sha, L; Lu, G-
2020Optimize Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Suspect Cases by Likelihood Ratio of SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG antibodyArtículoYangchun Feng.-
2020Optimizing COVID-19 candidate therapeutics: Thinking Without BordersArtículoRayner Craig R..; Smith Patrick F.; Hershberger Kevin.; Wesche David.-
2020Optimizing hydroxychloroquine dosing for patients with COVID-19: An integrative modeling approach for effective drug repurposingArtículoGarcia-Cremades Maria.; Solans Belen P.; Hughes Emma.; Ernest Jacqueline P.; Wallender Erika.; Aweeka Francesca.; Luetkemeyer Annie.; Savic Radojka M.-
2020Optimizing provision of extracorporeal life support during the COVID-19 pandemic: practical considerations for Canadian jurisdictionsArtículoParhar Ken Kuljit S.; Lequier Laurance.; Blackwood Jaime.; Zuege Danny J.; Singh Gurmeet.-
2020Optimizing RT-PCR detection of SARS-CoV-2 for developing countries using pool testingArtículoFarfan Mauricio.; Torres Juan.; ORyan Miguel.; Olivares Mauricio.; Gallardo Pablo.; Salas Carolina.-
2020Optimizing Teledermatology Visits for Dermatology Resident Education During the COVID-19 PandemicArtículoOldenburg Reid.; Marsch Amanda.-