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2020Letter: Covid-19 and vitamin D-authors' replyArtículoTian Yuan.; Rong Long.-
2020Letter: COVID-19 Infection Affects Surgical Outcome of Chronic Subdural HematomaArtículoPanciani Pier Paolo.; Saraceno Giorgio.; Zanin Luca.; Renisi Giulia.; Signorini Liana.; Fontanella Marco Maria.-
2020Letter: Neurosurgery and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic: Doing our PartArtículoPesce Alessandro.; Palmieri Mauro.; Armocida Daniele.; Frati Alessandro.; Santoro Antonio.-
2020Letter: Rongeurs, Neurosurgeons, and COVID-19: How Do We Protect Health Care Personnel During Neurosurgical Operations in the Midst of Aerosol-Generation From High-Speed Drills?ArtículoChan David Yuen Chung.; Chan Danny Tat Ming.; Mak Wai Kit.; Wong George Kwok Chu.; Poon Wai Sang.-
2020Letter: The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Global Pandemic: A Neurosurgical Treatment Algorithm.ArtículoBurke John F.; Chan Andrew K.; Mummaneni Valli.; Chou Dean.; Lobo Errol P.; Berger Mitchel S.; Theodosopoulos Philip V.; Mummaneni Praveen V.-
2020Letter: Transmission of COVID-19 During Neurosurgical Procedures—Some Thoughts From the United KingdomArtículoJenkins Alistair.-
2020Level of IL-6 predicts respiratory failure in hospitalized symptomatic COVID-19 patientsArtículoHerold Tobias.; Jurinovic Vindi.; Arnreich Chiara.; Hellmuth Johannes C.; von Bergwelt-Baildon Michael.; Klein Matthias.; Weinberger Tobias.-
2020Level of under-reporting including under-diagnosis before the first peak of COVID-19 in various countries: Preliminary Retrospective Results Based on Wavelets and Deterministic ModelingArtículoKrantz Steven G.; Rao Arni SR Srinivasa.-
2020Li Wenliang, a face to the frontline healthcare worker. The first doctor to notify the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2, (COVID-19), outbreakPreimpresoPetersen, E; Hui, D; Hamer, D; Blumberg, L; Madoff, L; Pollack, M; Lee, S; McLellan, S; Memish, Z; Praharaj, I; Wasserman, S; Ntoumi, F; Azhar, E; Mchugh, T; Kock, R; Ippolito, G; Zumla, A; Koopmans, M-
2020Lidocaine during intubation and extubation in patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19)ArtículoAminnejad Reza.; Salimi Alireza.; Saeidi Mohammad.-
2020Lieutenant Governor Polito's Public Schedule (2020-03-04)ArtículoMassachusetts Governor's Office.-
2020Life in the pandemic: Social isolation and mental health.ArtículoUsher Kim.; Bhullar Navjot.; Jackson Debra.-
2020Life in the pandemic: Some reflections on nursing in the context of COVID-19ArtículoJackson Debra.; Bradbury-Jones Caroline.; Baptiste Diana.; Gelling Leslie.; Morin Karen.; Neville Stephen.; Smith Graeme D..-
2020Life-threatening cardiac tamponade complicating myo-pericarditis in COVID-19ArtículoHua Alina.; O’Gallagher Kevin.; Sado Daniel.; Byrne Jonathan.-
2020Likelihood of survival of coronavirus disease 2019PreimpresoRuan, S-
2020Links between air pollution and COVID-19 in EnglandArtículoMarco Travaglio.; Rebeka Popovic.; Yizhou Yu.; Nuno Leal.; L. Miguel Martins.-
2020Little Risk of the COVID-19 Resurgence on Students in China (outside Hubei) Caused by School ReopeningArtículoLong Cheng.; Zeng Tieyong.; FU XINMIAO.-
2020Liver and Kidney Injuries in COVID-19 and Their Effects on Drug Therapy; a Letter to Editor.PreimpresoRismanbaf, A; Zarei, S-
2020Liver injury during highly pathogenic human coronavirus infections.ArtículoXu Ling.; Liu Jia.; Lu Mengji.; Yang Dongliang.; Zheng Xin.-
2020Liver injury in COVID-19: management and challengesPreimpresoZhang, C; Shi, L; Wang, F-