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2020Investigating hypothiocyanite against SARS-CoV-2.ArtículoCegolon L..-
2020Investigating the added value of biomarkers compared with self-reported smoking in predicting future e-cigarette use: Evidence from a longitudinal UK cohort studyPreimpresoAmy E Taylor; Suzanne H Gage; Marcus R Munafò; Jasmine N Khouja; Rebecca C Richmond; Caroline L Relton-
2020Investigating the cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China using dynamic statistical techniquesPreimpresoSarkodie, S; Owusu, P-
2020Investigating the determinants of high Case-Fatality Rate for COVID-19 in Italy.ArtículoBarone-Adesi Francesco.; Ragazzoni Luca.; Schmid Maurizio.-
2020Investigating the Impact of Asymptomatic Carriers on COVID-19 TransmissionPreimpresoJuan B. Gutierrez; Jacob B Aguilar; Jeremy Samuel Faust; Lauren M. Westafer-
2020Investigating the likely association between genetic ancestry and COVID-19 manifestationArtículoDas Ranajit.; Ghate Sudeep D.-
2020Investigation into SARS-CoV-2 Resistance of Compounds in Garlic Essential Oil.ArtículoThuy Bui Thi Phuong.; My Tran Thi Ai.; Hai Nguyen Thi Thanh.; Hieu Le Trung.; Hoa Tran Thai.; Thi Phuong Loan Huynh.; Triet Nguyen Thanh.; Anh Tran Thi Van.; Quy Phan Tu.; Tat Pham Van.; Hue Nguyen Van.; Quang Duong Tuan.; Trung Nguyen Tien.; Tung Vo Thanh.; Huynh Lam K..; Nhung Nguyen Thi Ai.-
2020Investigation of three clusters of COVID-19 in Singapore: implications for surveillance and response measuresArtículoPung Rachael.; Chiew Calvin J.; Young Barnaby E.; Chin Sarah.; Chen Mark I-C.; Clapham Hannah E.; Cook Alex R.; Maurer-Stroh Sebastian.; Toh Matthias P H S.; Poh Cuiqin.; Low Mabel.; Lum Joshua.; Koh Valerie T J.; Mak Tze M.; Cui Lin.; Lin Raymond V T P.; Heng Derrick.; Leo Yee-Sin.; Lye David C.; Lee Vernon J M.; Kam Kai-qian.; Kalimuddin Shirin.; Tan Seow Yen.; Loh Jiashen.; Thoon Koh Cheng.; Vasoo Shawn.; Khong Wei Xin.; Suhaimi Nur-Afidah.; Chan Sherlynn JH.; Zhang Emma.; Oh Olivia.; Ty Albert.; Tow Charlene.; Chua Yi Xian.; Chaw Wei Liang.; Ng Yixiang.; Abdul-Rahman Farid.; Sahib Shafiq.; Zhao Zheng.; Tang Cheryl.; Low Constance.; Goh Ee Hui.; Lim Georgina.; Hou Yan'an.; Roshan Imran.; Tan James.; Foo Kelly.; Nandar Khine.; Kurupatham Lalitha.; Chan Pei Pei.; Raj Pream.; Lin Yijun.; Said Zubaidah.; Lee Anne.; See Cherie.; Markose Jessey.; Tan Joanna.; Chan Guanhao.; See Wanhan.; Peh Xinyi.; Cai Vincent.; Chen Wen Kai.; Li Zongbin.; Soo Roy.; Chow Angela LP.; Wei Wycliffe.; Farwin Aysha.; Ang Li Wei.-
2020Iranian mental health during the COVID-19 epidemicPreimpresoZandifar, A; Badrfam, R-
2020Iranian mental health during the COVID-19 epidemicArtículoZandifar Atefeh.; Badrfam Rahim.-
2020Is a 14-day quarantine period optimal for effectively controlling coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?ArtículoJiang, Xue.; Niu, Yawei.; Li, Xiong.; Li, Lin.; Cai, Wenxiang.; Chen, Yucan.; Liao, Bo.; Wang, Edwin.-
2020Is a COVID19 Quarantine Justified in Chile or USA Right Now?PreimpresoRafael Gonzalez Gonzalez; Francisco Munoz; Pablo S Moya; Miguel Kiwi-
2020Is Africa prepared for tackling the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic. Lessons from past outbreaks, ongoing pan-African public health efforts, and implications for the futurePreimpresoKapata, N; Ihekweazu, C; Ntoumi, F; Raji, T; Chanda-Kapata, P; Mwaba, P; Mukonka, V; Bates, M; Tembo, J; Corman, V; Mfinanga, S; Asogun, D; Elton, L; Arruda, L; Thomason, M; Mboera, L; Yavlinsky, A; Haider, N; Simons, D; Hollmann, L; Lule, S; Veas, F; Abdel Hamid, M; Dar, O; Edwards, S; Vairo, F; McHugh, T; Drosten, C; Kock, R; Ippolito, G; Zumla, A-
2020Is COVID-19 receiving ADE from other coronaviruses?PreimpresoTetro, J-
2020Is glycaemia associated with poorer brain health and risk of dementia? Cross sectional and follow-up analysis of the UK BiobankPreimpresoVictoria Garfield; Aliki-Eleni Farmaki; Sophie V Eastwood; Rohini Mathur; Christopher T Rentsch; Krishnan Bhaskaran; Liam Smeeth; Nish Chaturvedi-
2020Is home isolation appropriate for preventing the spread of COVID-19?ArtículoFeng Zhan-hui.; Cheng Yong-ran.; Ye Lan.; Zhou Meng-Yun.; Wang Ming-Wei.; Chen Juan.-
2020Is it ethical to be a “whistleblower” during COVID-19 pandemic ? -Ethical challenges confronted by health care workers in ChinaArtículoZhu Junhong.-
2020Is lithium a potential treatment for the novel Wuhan (2019-nCoV) coronavirus? A scoping reviewPreimpresoNowak, J; Walkowiak, J-
2020Is low sodium intake a risk factor for severe and fatal COVID-19 infection?ArtículoPost Adrian.; Dullaart Robin PF.; Bakker Stephan JL.-
2020Is mammography screening beneficial: An individual-based stochastic model for breast cancer incidence and mortalityPreimpresoThuy T. T. Le; Frederick R. Adler-