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2020Dynamic change process of target genes by RT-PCR testing of SARS-Cov-2 during the course of a Coronavirus Disease 2019 patient.ArtículoLv Ding-Feng.; Ying Qi-Ming.; Weng Yue-Song.; Shen Chi-Bin.; Chu Jin-Guo.; Kong Jing-Ping.; Sun Ding-He.; Gao Xiang.; Weng Xing-Bei.; Chen Xue-Qin.-
2020Dynamic Estimation of Epidemiological Parameters of COVID-19 Outbreak and Effects of Interventions on Its SpreadArtículoZhang Hongzhe.; Zhao Xiaohang.; Yin Kexin.; Yan Yiren.; Qian Wei.; Chen Bintong.; Fang Xiao.-
2020Dynamic Model Predictions of Covid-19 Pandemic Mitigation ScenariosArtículoJenny, Patrick.; Jenny, David.; Gorji, Hossein.-
2020Dynamic Modeling COVID-19 for Comparing Containment Strategies in a Pandemic ScenarioArtículoMin Lu.; Hemant Ishwaran.-
2020Dynamic profile of severe or critical COVID-19 casesArtículoXu, Yang.-
2020Dynamics of COVID-19 pandemic at constant and time-dependent contact ratesArtículoKochanczyk, Marek.; Grabowski, Frederic.; Lipniacki, Tomasz.-
2020Dynamics of COVID-19 pandemic at constant and time-dependent contact ratesPreimpresoTomasz Lipniacki; Marek Kochanczyk; Frederic Grabowski-
2020Dynamics of COVID‐19 epidemics: SEIR models underestimate peak infection rates and overestimate epidemic durationArtículoGrant Alastair.-
2020Dynamics of the COVID-19 -- Comparison between the Theoretical Predictions and Real DataArtículoGiorgio Sonnino.-
2020Dysosmia and dysgeusia due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus; a hypothesis that needs further investigation.ArtículoKeyhan Seied Omid.; Fallahi Hamid Reza.; Cheshmi Behzad.-
2020Dysregulation of immune response in patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, ChinaPreimpresoQin, C; Zhou, L; Hu, Z; Zhang, S; Yang, S; Tao, Y; Xie, C; Ma, K; Shang, K; Wang, W; Tian, D-
2020Dysregulation of immune response in patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, ChinaArtículoQin Chuan.; Zhou Luoqi.; Hu Ziwei.; Zhang Shuoqi.; Yang Sheng.; Tao Yu.; Xie Cuihong.; Ma Ke.; Shang Ke.; Wang Wei.; Tian Dai-Shi.-
2020Earliest infections predict the age distribution of seasonal influenza A casesPreimpresoHuong Q. McLean; Edward A. Belongia; Sarah Cobey; Philip Arevalo-
2020Early appearance of COVID-19 associated pulmonary infiltrates during daily radiotherapy imaging for lung cancer.ArtículoSuppli Morten Hiul.; Riisgaard de Blanck Steen.; Elgaard Tenna.; Josipovic Mirjana.; Pøhl Mette.-
2020Early behavior of Madrid Covid-19 disease outbreak: A mathematical modelArtículoGarcia-Iglesias Daniel.; de Cos Juez Francisco Javier.-
2020Early consensus management for non-ICU ARF SARS-CoV-2 emergency in Italy: from ward to trenches.ArtículoVitacca Michele.; Nava Stefano.; Santus Pierachille.; Harari Sergio.-
2020Early CT manifestations and short-term evolution of coronavirus disease-2019ArtículoWei Wei.; Hu Wen Xiao.; Lv Fu Wei.-
2020EARLY DETECTION OF COVID-19ArtículoAsif Hafiz Muhammad.; Hashmi Hafiz Abdul Sattar.-
2020EARLY DETECTION OF COVID-19PreimpresoHafiz Abdul Sattar Hashmi; Hafiz Muhammad Asif20-Apr-2020
2020Early dynamics of transmission and control of COVID-19: a mathematical modelling studyPreimpresoKucharski, A; Russell, T; Diamond, C; Liu, Y; Edmunds, J; Funk, S; Eggo, R; Sun, F; Jit, M; Munday, J; Davies, N; Gimma, A; van Zandvoort, K; Gibbs, H; Hellewell, J; Jarvis, C; Clifford, S; Quilty, B; Bosse, N; Abbott, S; Klepac, P; Flasche, S-