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2019Characterization of amino acid substitutions in feline coronavirus 3C-like protease from a cat with feline infectious peritonitis treated with a protease inhibitorPreimpresoPerera, K; Rathnayake, A; Liu, H; Pedersen, N; Groutas, W; Chang, K; Kim, Y-
2020Chest radiographic and ct findings of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19): Analysis of nine patients treated in koreaPreimpresoYoon, S; Lee, K; Kim, J; Lee, Y; Ko, H; Kim, K; Park, C; Kim, Y-
2020Clinical Course and Outcomes of Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection: a Preliminary Report of the First 28 Patients from the Korean Cohort Study on COVID-19PreimpresoKim, E; Chin, B; Kang, C; Kim, N; Kang, Y; Choi, J; Oh, D; Kim, J; Koh, B; Kim, S; Yun, N; Lee, J; Kim, J; Kim, Y; Bang, J; Song, K; Kim, H; Chung, K; Oh, M; on behalf of the Korea National Committee for Clinical Management of COVID-19-
2019Complete genome analysis of a SARS-like bat coronavirus identified in the Republic of KoreaPreimpresoKim, Y; Son, K; Kim, Y; Lee, S; Jheong, W; Oem, J-
2020Effect of isolation practice on the transmission of middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus among hemodialysis patients: A 2-year prospective cohort studyPreimpresoPark, H; Lee, S; Kim, J; Kim, D; Cho, A; Jeon, H; Oh, J; Noh, J; Jeong, D; Kim, Y; Lee, C; Yoo, K; Lee, Y-
2019Immune Responses to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus during the Acute and Convalescent Phases of Human InfectionPreimpresoShin, H; Kim, Y; Kim, G; Lee, J; Jeong, I; Joh, J; Kim, H; Chang, E; Sim, S; Park, J; Lim, D-
2020School Opening Delay Effect on Transmission Dynamics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Korea: Based on Mathematical Modeling and Simulation StudyPreimpresoKim, S; Kim, Y; Peck, K; Jung, E-
2019Sequential emergence and wide spread of neutralization escape middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus mutants, South Korea, 2015PreimpresoKim, Y; Aigerim, A; Park, U; Kim, Y; Rhee, J; Choi, J; Park, W; Park, S; Kim, Y; Lim, D; Inn, K; Hwang, E; Choi, M; Shin, H; Cho, N-
2020Viral load kinetics of SARS-CoV-2 infection in first two patients in KoreaPreimpresoKim, J; Ko, J; Kim, Y; Kim, Y; Kim, J; Chung, Y; Kim, H; Han, M; Kim, S; Chin, B-